Beautiful Bergen || Norway 2018

hello lovelies I’m back with the next instalment of my Norway series this time focusing on my time spent in Bergen last year! I was so impressed by Bergen and what the city had to offer! Before arriving in Bergen we had to start the trek from Oslo. We took a seven-hour picturesque train journey from Oslo to Bergen. When I first heard that the journey was … Continue reading Beautiful Bergen || Norway 2018

My Goals this Academic Year! || Third Year University Student

hi lovelies I can’t believe how quickly this summer has gone! Although I am sad for it to be coming to an end and in no way ready for the new year to begin I am looking forward to the hustle and structure an academic year brings *something I am going to miss very much once I graduate*. This year is a big one for … Continue reading My Goals this Academic Year! || Third Year University Student

Lake Bled ♡ Backpacking Europe!

hi lovelies I am here with a bonus post today! As I mentioned in my previous post I believe that Lake Bled deserves a whole post of its own. The day we visited this blue paradise has to be my favourite day of the entire trip! Check out my previous post in the series here! We took a bus over to Bled from Ljubljana bus … Continue reading Lake Bled ♡ Backpacking Europe!

Split, Croatia || Backpacking Europe!

Hello lovelies, By the time you are reading this, I would’ve just got back from a 3-week backpacking trip around Europe (or at the time of writing this I’m currently on a coach to my next destination which happens to be Budapest). As I will be visiting many new locations over the upcoming weeks I thought I’d bring you with me on this trip of … Continue reading Split, Croatia || Backpacking Europe!

The Reasons I Decided to Live​ at Home whilst at University.

Hello Lovelies If you didn’t know already I decided to remain at home whilst studying at Univerisity. This was largely down to my mental health which means I have almost had the complete opposite experience of University life to that of my peers.  I’m not saying that’s a bad thing at all and I am still happy to have stuck by my decision. As I’m going … Continue reading The Reasons I Decided to Live​ at Home whilst at University.

My Guide for Freshers!

Hello Lovelies So you have had your A-level results and have now secured a space at University, how exciting!! Congratulations on your new adventure and if you have chosen a different path than University I wish you all the luck too! I too almost chose not to go to University either. Starting University was an extremely nerve-wracking experience for myself. I didn’t know anyone else starting … Continue reading My Guide for Freshers!

Visiting Roskilde, Denmark || The Travel Diaries

Hello Lovelies I’m back again with another travel related post. As you will know I recently have returned from a trip to Copenhagen (blog post can be read here) Whilst in Denmark I also took the opportunity to venture across to Roskilde another small city. Boasting great views, a beautiful cathedral with so much history regarding the Royal Family and the Viking Museum this place should … Continue reading Visiting Roskilde, Denmark || The Travel Diaries

A Visit to Copenhagen || The Travel Diaries

Hello Lovelies, As those of you who follow me on Instagram and Twitter will know I’ve recently returned home from an amazing visit to Copenhagen, Denmark. For years this city has been on my bucket list and it definitely did not disappoint.  Fortunately, my friend, who has been studying in the city over the summer was on hand to show us around as well as … Continue reading A Visit to Copenhagen || The Travel Diaries