Starting My Impossible List || June 2020

As I start the next chapter in my life I thought now would be a great time to start an impossible list! Honestly, I’m not sure why I didn’t start this sooner. Here is a list of goals I would like to complete during my lifetime starting from June 2020, at 22 years old. Unlike a bucket list, an impossible list is a list which … Continue reading Starting My Impossible List || June 2020

Neuschwanstein Castle || Backpacking Europe!

After our last evening in Munich, we got up early and made our way over to Munich Airport. This wasn’t to catch a flight but in fact to collect our hire car, the second of this trip. Our mission for the day was to make our way across Germany into Southern Germany in time to check-in to our Lindau AirBnB that evening. Continue reading Neuschwanstein Castle || Backpacking Europe!

Munich, Germany || Backpacking Europe!

During Summer 2019 (almost an entire year ago) Elliott and I took a trip across Europe with nothing but the contents of a 30-litre backpack.  All previous posts from this series can be found on my travel blog! Having always wanted to visit Germany I was so excited for this next leg of the trip. This would be the final Hostel of the trip. Despite being … Continue reading Munich, Germany || Backpacking Europe!

Hostel Etiquette: all you need to know for your first stay!

Staying in a hostel was something I was extremely wary of before my backpacking Europe trip last year! I was filled with horror stories and the worry of sharing a room with complete strangers. Today I have decided to try and take that worry a little bit off your shoulders by writing the post I wish I had before staying in my first hostel. Despite … Continue reading Hostel Etiquette: all you need to know for your first stay!

Prague, Czech Republic || Backpacking Europe!

I am back to continue my Backpacking Europe series which initially started during summer 2019. Despite lockdown, I think it’s time to start looking forward to times ahead where travel will once again be possible. Check out the entire series so far to get caught up on our journey to this point in the trip. Continue reading Prague, Czech Republic || Backpacking Europe!

Beautiful Bergen || Norway 2018

hello lovelies I’m back with the next instalment of my Norway series this time focusing on my time spent in Bergen last year! I was so impressed by Bergen and what the city had to offer! Before arriving in Bergen we had to start the trek from Oslo. We took a seven-hour picturesque train journey from Oslo to Bergen. When I first heard that the journey was … Continue reading Beautiful Bergen || Norway 2018

Exploring Oslo || Norway 2018

Hello Lovelies I am back with another travel related blog post about one about my recent adventures in Norway. This time last year I went on a Christmassy Holiday to Norway (yes it has taken me a year to get round to writing this posts). This trip I was accompanied by my favourite travel buddy Elliott (who assures me will start uploading to his blog again soon) and … Continue reading Exploring Oslo || Norway 2018

Lake Garda || Our Italian Adventure

hello lovelies Can’t believe I’m out on the road (or tracks should we say) again! Currently writing this I am on the train to Florence after a crazy few days exploring Lake Garda in Italy. We are here celebrating Elliott’s 21st Birthday! With this trip being much more relaxed than our usual trips it’s been lovely to recuperate a little bit especially after our big … Continue reading Lake Garda || Our Italian Adventure

Széchenyi Thermal Baths || Backpacking Europe!

hi lovelies To continue on from my previous Backpacking Europe post I wanted to share a little more information on the Széchenyi Thermal Baths in Budapest. The water used in the baths is provided by a hot spring containing calcium, magnesium, hydro-carbonate, sodium and sulphate. It is deemed to be natural healing water which is naturally warm.   The therapeutic baths claim to help ease: … Continue reading Széchenyi Thermal Baths || Backpacking Europe!