Challenging my Lack of Confidence | A Dinner Date Outfit

It is very rare for me to go out and get all dressed up fancy. My lack in confidence often leaves me feeling very self conscious which in turn leads me to stick to the same outfits and cover up in baggy clothing. This is something I am trying to challenge!

Image of Jess in red floral dress and black biker jacket from Pretty Little Thing.

My best friend Elliott and I decided to take ourselves on a fancy dinner date – we both really deserved it. For this occasion though I knew it would mean stepping out of my comfort zone of comfy leggings and a baggy jumper for something a little more out there.

Fortunately I have a sister who wears the same clothing size as me which often comes in very handy in these types of situations. We put our heads together to find a main statement piece from her wardrobe. We ended up finding this gorgeous black corset floral swing dress. This piece is definitely out of my comfort zone. With its bold pattern, body hugging corset and with it being a dress.

Truth is that I loved how the dress hugged my figure in all the right places but I lacked the confidence to wear it as a sole piece. Also despite it being May the weather here in England this week is more like March or April so some kind of cover up was definitely needed.

For this I turned to Pretty Little Thing next day delivery. This isn’t something I do very often as I hate fast fashion however I knew I needed a jacket and that the jacket would remain in my wardrobe for a long time.

I have wanted a jacket that I could dress up or also dress down for everyday casual wear. Whilst scrolling through Pretty Little Thing I discovered this gorgeous black faux suede biker jacket. I’ve been eying up jackets like these for quite a while now and i’m ever so glad I bought it! I know for a fact this jacket will be in my wardrobe for years to come.

Jess and Elliott sat in restaurant at a table.

I had such a great time getting dressed up, putting on a bit of makeup, spending some much needed time with my best friend and treating myself to an evening out. Something very different to anything i’ve done over this past year. It instantly lifted my mood.

I was extremely anxious beforehand. A mix of being out of my comfort zone, going out for dinner for the first time in over a year and going somewhere that I didn’t know particularly well. Once we got there though those fears instantly melted away. I was so impressed with how everything was handled and the experience as a whole.

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