My New Desk – Bedroom Redecoration

I never quite realised how important having your own space that you are able to make your own is. Even by making this first simple change it has done wonders for my mental health.

I have wanted a desk in my room for the LONGEST time however up until now it hasn’t been a possibility. Now with my sister moving out and having a room to myself I have been given the opportunity to use both my saved Christmas and Birthday money to purchase a desk!

The Desk

Choosing my desk was such a big and exciting decision for me and I spent days scrolling through different websites to ensure I got one that was the perfect size for my small bedroom. This was the first time I have bought a large piece of furniture for myself with the prospects of keeping it beyond moving out of my family home. This meant that it needed to be a timeless piece that would fit with any future decor I may choose.

I also wanted to have storage space which would allow me to organise my belongings as well as improve the efficiency of packaging up orders for my small business.


– Up to 50cm in depth

– White

– Plenty of storage

– Timeless

– Minimalist

– A place for my Sky Box

The desk I ended up choosing was the Gouge Computer Desk from Wayfair. This desk ticked all of my requirements perfectly and was very reasonably priced. On arrival the desk was flat packed and was extremely heavy. I would definitely recommend having two people to bring it in and place it where you would like it ultimately to end up. I managed to assemble the desk by myself though did take me HOURS. I think in total it took me 4 hours. The desk itself wasn’t difficult to put together but I found the instructions too much for my dyslexic brain to handle.

The Chair

I also purchased my desk chair from Wayfair. This is the Blaney Task Chair which was in fact more expensive than the desk itself but I absolutely love it. Not only does it look beautiful and is comfortable to sit on, it was also very easy to put together and arrived the next day. The only downside would be that the back is low and therefore doesn’t provide much support.

The main attraction to this chair for me was that it wouldn’t take up too much space. I considered just having a stall and therefore the fact it had a low back wasn’t a particular issue for me. I also adored the colour making it timeless and likely to fit with any future decor. There’s also a pink version of the same chair which I absolutely adored!

Now that I have made a start redecorating my bedroom I am eager to continue improving it. Making it a space I can call my own and that is safe. I have a long way to go in decluttering, utilising the space and decorating but I am excited to see where the journey takes me!

I will be uploading more posts as and when these changes take place and maybe it will help inspire some of you to make a small change in your life. I am thrilled with how much making small changes like these are improving my mental health and wellbeing.

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