Stop comparing yourself to others as a Graduate!

I am hugely guilty of comparing myself to others, particularly over this past year, and I know a lot of you most likely are too!

Now myself and my peers have graduated and are starting to navigate our own paths, putting one foot in front of the other without the guidance of the education system. Having always (on the most part) been told what to do next and the next thing coming along without too much of a thought, now as a graduate there is a lot of pressure to suddenly figure the next steps all by yourself.

As someone who always tries to please others i’m trying to figure out the path in which I would like to go down that I am personally pleased with rather than seeking validation. Naturally everyone is reaching employment at different rates and also the types of jobs they are taking vary greatly. Some landing their dream graduate job, others still working their part time weekend job that got them through University and others unemployed.

I personally am still working my part time retail job that I have worked throughout University. Having a pandemic thrown into the mix definitely didn’t help with landing a graduate job however the less I start comparing my career to others the less appealing that “dream graduate job” appears. I am grateful for the time that the past year has given me though. Almost a year on from finishing my undergraduate course I feel as though that time has allowed me to re evaluate what I actually want in life career wise.

Hey Bestie, never compare yourself to anyone else. you are on your own path and are amazing for it!

I know for a fact I am not the only one guilty of this. I actually have comforted many friends who graduated a year earlier who experienced very similar feelings. Seeing your friends and peers landing great jobs while you can’t get past the job application stage can be extremely disheartening. It is so so important to remember that it isn’t a reflection on you. Everyone is on a different path in life which will mean hitting these milestones at different times. Don’t give up even when it seems like the only option!

I may not be where I originally expected to be a year after graduating and I may not have achieved as much as my peers but that is ok.

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