Finding my Twenties a Challenge

Recently I have started to find a number of like minded young people, all in their 20’s, who are experiencing a similar feelings to me. Between my own research, some of the videos I have seen on TikTok and also posts within Facebook groups I have come up with a few assumptions as to why this is.

No one prepares you for the strange and very lost feeling many seem to experience in their 20’s. Waiting to finally reach adulthood to starting your dream career – it all seems very exciting from a distance. In reality from my personal experience currently living in it – it is far from that.

I’m currently 23 years old and if i’m completely honest facing some of the most challenging emotions and experiences of my life so far. I can’t completely explain it but I know for a fact i’m not the only one experiencing it. Some of the words floating around by fellow 20 somethings to explain these emotions are loneliness, inertia, mortality, dissatisfaction, self-doubt, nostalgia, doubt, loss, imposter and anxiety to name a few.

During your twenties you face a HUGE change. Not only are you suddenly fully responsible for yourself and your time – out of the education system but you are also trying to navigate relationships and friendships that may be under strain all while trying to remain financially stable within a new job/career. Your twenties are definitely not something to be sniffed at.

Here are a few of the changes and uncertainties that your 20’s bring (from my personal experience).

Your life finally starts
Of course this isn’t exactly true however it certainly does feel it. Imagine the weight of the rest of your life laying on the shoulders of the decisions you make now as a twenty year old. This absolutely isn’t the case and it’s important to remember that we are all on our own paths – you can absolutely change that path at any point in your life.

You now have different interests
I don’t know if this is just me but the things I once had interests in no longer excite me in the same way they once did. This can be a challenge when the interests you once had formed bases on what you once dreamed to be a career. Often it can feel difficult to form new hobbies and interests due to a decrease of spare time and challenges that stand in your way.

Fewer Friends and Loneliness
It’s natural that this happens. You leave the education system and both us and our friends lives move on. You don’t see them every single day anymore, schedules don’t match up and the paths we are on differ. I never have been part of a large friendship group and so I have always been used to having only a handful of friends however during my twenties that number has thinned even more. Also can we just talk about how challenging it is to make friends as an adult?!

You are figuring it out as you go
Walking around in your twenties is like playing a video game without doing the tutorial walk through first. A lot of wondering around aimlessly, making mistakes and making it up as you go along. This is a huge challenge but also we need to remember that making these mistakes now is ok.

You need access to “real money”
Your part time job no longer cuts it. You don’t have a student loan to fall back on. You need access to real money and to do that you need a proper adult job. This in itself is a HUGE challenge. Job hunting, applying, interviews, first days – the list goes on. If you add a pandemic into the mix it can seem like an almost impossible task leaving many young people unable to gain experience for the careers that they have spent years studying toward.

Saying all this though your twenties aren’t all that bad. Now is the time to take those risks, remember it’s ok to make mistakes and is a great time to learn and discover more about yourself!

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