The Dream Career Paradigm

Theres one question that I remember being asked constantly as a child and through my teenage years and that was – what do you want to be when you grow up?

If you were anything like me my answer changed almost daily. I was almost jealous (and still kinda am) of the kids who knew exactly what they wanted to be and are living their best lives as a result now.

For me this question has always instilled a lot of anxiety. A trivial question that society drills into us from a young age expecting us to know the answer. As someone who’s already quite anxious and not the best at making decisions for myself the fact everyone also tells you that you can be anything you want to be despite having their own expectations was an added level of pressure.

I’m now sat here as a 23 year old with GCSEs, A Levels and a Degree in a subjects I’m no longer see as a career option. Don’t get me wrong I still love filmmaking. I wouldn’t still be making short films if that weren’t the case!

There is definitely a societal pressure when it comes to your career choice. For example when introducing yourself everyone says their name followed by their job role. But what if thats not what I want be judged off of in the first instance?

At the moment I find myself scrolling through a selection of jobs only finding a couple that hold any value I’m actually interested in as an individual. The thought of settling for a 9-5 job that I am in fact not completely passionate in terrifies me.

I do wish there was less pressure for us to figure out what that “dream career” may be. Rather than being rushed into it at A level or even GCSE. I know for a fact my life would look completely different now if that were the case.

Image of Jess in a green checkered jacket outside standing on a wooden bridge.

Viewpoint of Success

Most peoples viewpoint of success is hugely dominated on a persons career, job title or wealth which is strange to me. Personally I view success as how happy someone is within their current life position. Everyone has different goals, passions and past experiences that puts them on a different path in life.

But in saying that my inner voice is constantly getting louder and louder telling me I should give into the societal pressure and find a job that fits societies expectations. I’m sure I’m not alone in that and in fact talking to other members of Gen Z the feeling is rather mutual. 

For me success is found in trying and having the drive to do new things because I want to. This past year alone that has included starting my own business, growing my blog and exploring new hobbies. And do you know what. Its actually helping.

That fear though can be a huge detriment especially when worrying about what everyone else may think of you when taking the path less travelled. I can promise you though it’s 100% worth it! We never know about these things until you try them. 

Green and pink quote "When trying something new you will always find the positives but you will also always find the negatives if you go looking for them.

How to get out of the cycle?

Now this is something I can’t really give an answer for as I am currently trying to break out myself!

I think the main thing to remember is we are all just humans living the best life we can with the time we have here on earth. I for one don’t want to waste that time in a meaningless career path due to the pressure society put on me. 

It’s completely ok if your goals and dreams change and adapt as you do. In fact I think thats rather healthy and shows growth! 

And finally don’t compare where you are in your life to where others are! Everyone is on their own journey. Use it to inspire you but don’t use it as a direct comparison. There are so many factors that could impact your life and your life timeline. Just because its taking you longer to get somewhere doesn’t mean you are not working hard enough. In fact you could still be working harder than anyone else! 

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