Turning 23.

23. The Birthday I have dreaded for the longest of times – possibly my entire life.

Although I know nothing drastic is going to change between the 17th March 2021 (age 22) and 18th March 2021 (age 23) I can’t help but think I should have made more progress than I already have.

I must bare in mind that some of these life goals were set by 8 year old me – when 23 seemed like an eternity away. I must say I no longer have aspire to be getting married this year (even at all) or have a child by the age of 27.

Only now am I starting to make moves toward a healthier and happier life. Having finally started this process I have learnt a few important life lessons I hope to take into 23.


– There is no rush –
The biggest life lesson I have learnt toward the end of this year is that there is no rush. I don’t need to have everything figured out right now nor does it matter if my wants and desires change. 23 is still young and although it may seem as though everyone else has it figured out you would be surprised how many others feel as lost as you do.

– You do not need to please everyone –
Saying no is ok especially if it is a benefit to your own mental health. I have damaged my mental health so much in the past pleasing everyone but myself but this year that is going to change.

– Admitting you are not ok is ok –
I have struggled with my mental health for a HUGE proportion of my life. Only now have I admitted it not only to others but also myself. Finally I am getting the help that I desperately need. I am in the very fortunate position that I can pay for a private therapist and this year I am going to tackle this with all my might.

– It is never too late to follow your heart –
This year I graduated from my Film Production Degree and since that point I have had a very bad relationship with the line of work. Lockdown had me questioning a lot and also debating my personal priorities. It is important for me to follow my heart and beliefs – there is no shame in that.

– Don’t push relationships –
Turning 23 having never been in a relationship is definitely something 8 year old me hadn’t ever imagined. But as I have got older it has become clearer that being in a relationship is something that isn’t high on my priority list. There is a lot of unanswered questions for me when it comes to relationships and what I want from them but there is no need for me to push for one or pressurise myself.

This upcoming year I am challenging myself to focus more on me. Figuring out my goals, what I enjoy, losing my fear of saying no and becoming comfortable in my self identity. Join me and follow my journey by giving this little safe space on the internet a follow.

*glow up pending.*

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