Starting my own Etsy Business during Lockdown | Chronic Prints

During lockdown, I developed a new skill and hobby which has quickly turned into a small business.

Something I had wanted to do for a longest of times was digital art. Although I have always dreamt of being artistic until now I hadn’t found a style or format that worked for me. Art was an activity I saw as stressful and frustrating – something I would work so hard on to end up hating the final result.

I invested in a cheap stylus (an alternative to the official Apple Pencil) and took my old iPad mini to start my journey to becoming a digital artist. When I first started out I just had intentions of this being a hobby, something relaxing to do in the evenings. But once I started producing work I quickly grew an interest in sticker making.


It was then I thought about the possibility of potentially turning my art into stickers. I wanted to use it as a platform to educate, empower and bring joy to the chronic illness community – something very close to my heart. Taking my experience of Chronic Illness as well as lots of research Chronic Prints was born.

I initially started out on Instagram to gage my ideas popularity which would give me a good insight into whether there would be any interest in the items I would like to sell as well as build a community of fellow Chronic Illness Warriors.

I quickly became overwhelmed with support and followers. It was clear that the idea behind Chronic Prints was something of interest to a lot of people. Gaining approximately 50 followers a day and lots of likes, comments and messages during the first week.

Now I am honoured to have almost 1200 fellow chronic illness warriors forming the Chronic Prints community today!

Join our amazing, supportive community on Instagram: @Chronic.Prints

My Etsy Sticker, Pin and Print store officially opened on Friday 14th August 2020 and I was so proud to have received my first two orders in the first day! During that week I went on to secure over 40 orders across multiple channels being sent all over the world. Following the initial success I went onto design more products as well as getting pin badges manufactured! This was extremely exciting but also very daunting not knowing how well they were going to sell.

Available Now

In the stores first 6 months of opening it has now made 241 sales. I honestly can’t believe my little stores success and I can’t wait to grow it even further! Make sure to check out my Etsy store.

Thank you so much, everyone, who has taken the time to follow, purchase or interact with my business so far. It honestly means more than anyone could imagine! Theres nothing I love more than hearing how one of my products has helped someone or has started a discussion to raise awareness.

I will be sharing more about my experience struggling with Chronic Illness here on my blog very soon to help further achieve my mission of raising awareness, empowering and educating. If you have any questions, whether that be business or chronic illness related please do feel free to leave them below!

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