Being Grateful for 2020

It is very easy to look back at 2020 with resentment. This year has been incredibly tough on many for lots of different reasons. 2020 has been one of the toughest years for me with not only the pandemic tossing plans away but also other challenges that I have faced within my health – especially mental health heading into the latter part of the year.

Despite the pain that 2020 has caused I think it is important to admire some of the casual magic the year has bought. Unlike other years this is more challenging. For most there won’t be large life events – such as going on holiday or celebrating with friends to look back on but there is still so much to be grateful for! Some of those things may be things that would usually pass you by unnoticed.

If I asked you now what are the top three things you are grateful for that this year has given you what would you say?

I posed this exact question to myself and below is my answer:

  1. The First Lockdown – now hear me out on this one. Lockdown itself certainly isn’t something to be celebrated however whilst being locked down with my family so many memories and bonding opportunities were formed. I am grateful for the summer golden hour daily walks I took exploring the areas surrounding my home I never knew existed before. I am grateful for the deep conversations I had with my sister during this time and how much closer the lockdown bought us. I am grateful for the pause the world took to re evaluate the way the world works, whats important and the opportunity it gave me to learn about myself.
  2. The Success of my Small Business – in August I started my first small business raising awareness of chronic illnesses and invisible disabilities (something extremely close to my heart). My small business involves me designing, printing and selling stickers, prints and enamel pins raising awareness of many chronic conditions. Never did I expect my business to have so much success during 2020. In the first four months of my store being open I have already made over 200 sales and shipped to many different countries. Starting my business was one of the scariest but also best decisions I have made. It has challenged me, taught me so many new skills and has given my life more purpose.
  3. The Generosity of other people – having worked in retail throughout the entire pandemic I have seen the worst in people. Outside my place of work however I have noticed the good that others have bought into the world. Whether that be Captain Tom doing laps around his garden, all those making and donating PPE to the NHS and other frontline workers or just seeing my neighbours check in on each other a little more than they would’ve done previously. It has restored my faith in society a little. I am particularly grateful for the talented people who have given up their own time and in some cases their own money to make my current film project a reality despite all the set backs and challenges we have faced. I have come to realise that a great teams makes the biggest of differences when working on something challenging.

Finding gratitude especially in the what typically seems mundane is an extremely difficult task. Coming up with just three things I am grateful for from all 365 days in 2020 was a challenge. These three definitely didn’t come to mind instantly and I had dig into my brain to conjure them up.

Heading into 2021 I want to be more grateful for the small things in life. The casual magic that I typically overlook. To do this I have downloaded an app called ‘Gratitude: Diary, Vision Board’ which was recommended in Elliott’s recent blog post. Here I plan to document the smaller things I am grateful for in an attempt to shift my outlook on life and the world in 2021.

Join me here on this blog to follow my journey toward better mental and physical health where I want to document my journey and my growth.

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