Getting the most out of my day with Chronic Illness

So I have been a little quiet over here on the old blog. Partly from a slight lack in motivation – I think many of us experienced this during lockdown – but also from expecting too much from myself.

Something I have been struggling with more recently is balancing my time whilst also taking care of my health.

I have very briefly mentioned my health battles on the blog before but I have never gone into much detail on them – something that is going to change over the the upcoming months.

Since graduating I have felt pressured to quickly find my feet in a world already facing a pandemic. It has lead me to taking on lots of projects whilst also working my contracted part time retail job to keep myself busy and not to hinder future positions once the world is used to its new normal.

Taking on so much whilst battling chronic illness has definitely taken its toll and now I’m putting measures in place to make sure I don’t overwhelm myself and have time for activities like blogging which I used to find so much enjoyment in.

Here are a few of the measures I will be implementing into my life to hopefully improve my health whilst not hindering my career progression:

  1. Divide my days up into three.
    I have heard that dividing my days into three is a beneficial way to ensure you are getting enough rest each day. By splitting the day into morning, afternoon and evening allows you to select two thirds of the day to be productive and achieve what you would like to and forces you to spend the remaining third relaxing.
  2. Listen to my body.
    Forcing yourself to work through a chronic illness flare or when you aren’t feeling up to it is deprementral and ultimately will lead to more time lost for the things you need to get done – requiring longer recovery time. As someone who often feels like a failure for not completing something I wanted to get done this is something I really struggle to do.
  3. Be realistic with what I can fit into a day.
    I am motivated by completing a to do list so if my to do list is unachievable it leaves me feeling unaccomplished and often leads to a burn out while I try and complete as much as I can. Putting in place an achievable number of to dos in a day will hopfully motivate me more and put me into a possitive mindset.
  4. Keep a Diary.
    I have finally found the perfect diary and I need to utilise it! Originally I bought it to focus solely on one of my current projects but now i’m finding it more beneficial to use it for EVERYTHING. This is helping me balance all the projects I’m working on. It’s an essential for me now and I take it everywhere.
  5. A change in location.
    Something I find so motivating is a change of location. The great thing about working from home is it allows me to work from my sofa, bed or other safe place in my home. I know this can also have detrimental effects but works well for me on my low energy days. It is important though on weeks you’re able to get some fresh air and a change of location. Something I absoloutely love is taking my work to a coffee shop for a couple of hours, treating myself to a coffee and powering through work. Theres something about coffee shops that I find cozy and motivational. I’m so glad now lockdowns been lifted I can return to doing this.

These are all things I am going to implement this week to hopefully improve my work/health balance! What are your tips? I would love to know in the comments below!

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