Riding our first Alpine Coaster in Germany || Backpacking Europe!

During Summer 2019 (almost an entire year ago) Elliott and I took a trip across Europe with nothing but the contents of a 30-litre backpack.  All previous posts from this series can be found on my travel blog!

This day was another day on the road! Starting in Lindau, Germany and finishing in Rhinau, France.

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 14.38.37

First on our list for the morning was a trip to Alpsee Bergwelt! Neither of us had ever ridden an alpine coaster before and was definitely an experience that had been on both our bucket lists for a while. We did try and stop by on the way home from Neuschwanstein Castle the day before however, it had closed for the day. Though we did have to head back on ourselves slightly it was definitely worth it for this experience!

2.8km long, taking between 5-10 minutes to make the decent and reaching speeds of up to 40km/hr it was definitely a fun experience!

Riding the Alpine Coaster with the chairlift ride to the top cost us €12.50 each. I think the experience is definitely worth the cost. You also can pay to ride the chair lift to the top and then ride it back down. There were other activities available at the top as well as great views.

You don’t have to take the chair lift at all if you don’t want to and are able to walk both up and down the hill.



Reaching the top of the climb was a fun ride in itself. Having to take a cable car similar to those you ride when skiing was both fun and terrifying in the best way – we had never ridden one of these either. We were very nervous, to begin with, but as the climb progressed the more relaxed we became. It was great getting amazing views of the area whilst being surrounded by German nature.


Once at the top we made our way to the Alpine coaster. Then our decent began! 

IMG_2790 2

Just before setting off, we were both told to wear our caps backwards to reduce the chances of them flying off.  I instantly regretted not taking my cap off completely as now it felt less secure. If I were to do this again I wouldn’t wear a cap!

Riding the coaster was so much fun and I really wish I could do it again. I would definitely recommend doing it if you get a chance.

This day definitely didn’t end here however it will be extremely long if I include everything into this post! I will continue to follow our little road trip in my next Backpacking Europe! post.

What was your favourite experience you have taken part in whilst travelling? I would love to know in the comments!



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