Celebrating my Graduation in Lockdown || The Film Graduate

The class of 2020 are strong and resilient! We have faced uncertainty and cancellations at the time we should be celebrating. Last Monday (22nd June 2020) was supposed to be my official graduation date.

I should’ve been celebrating in London alongside my talented peers but instead, my family surprised me with a garden graduation. Here are some of my favourite photos from the day!












Despite it not being the graduation I initially hoped for I did thoroughly enjoy the celebrations! Thank you so much to all my followers who have followed my journey throughout my degree.

It’s now time for the next chapter and I am excited!!



Interested in my Film work? Visit my online portfolio!

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating my Graduation in Lockdown || The Film Graduate

  1. Such cute pictures! My daughter graduated as well. A few of her friends had some very small outside parties and one had a “drive-by” party. We live in an apartment so we couldn’t have a party for her. Congratulations on your graduation!


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