Starting My Impossible List || June 2020

As I start the next chapter in my life I thought now would be a great time to start an impossible list! Honestly, I’m not sure why I didn’t start this sooner. Here is a list of goals I would like to complete during my lifetime starting from June 2020, at 22 years old.


Unlike a bucket list, an impossible list is a list which can evolve as you complete each of your goals set. As my life progresses this list will grow, update and feature here on my blog. By sharing this list online I feel as though I am held accountable and therefore hopefully more likely to achieve my goals.

Let’s see if the law of attraction works!



Own my own home.

Have my first relationship. 

Have a pen pal. 

Give an inspirational speech at a live event.

Dye my hair a crazy colour.


Write a book. 

Carry a conversation in BSL. 

Volunteer at a camp for disabled children/young people.


Attend an Official Graduation for my Undergrad degree. 

Complete a masters. 

Attend a filmmaking course at NFTS. 



Intern/work with a large picture house (Disney, Pixar, Universal etc). 

Receive funding for a short film.

Have my own registered business. 

Have my own business cards.

Make a Documentary raising awareness on POTS/Dysautonomia.

Make a film shot internationally. 

Make a feature-length film. 

Direct a documentary. 

Produce a film that achieves official selection at a film festival. 

Start a Youtube Channel educating students/film students.

Reach 500 followers on my Blog.

Produce a theatre show. 



Participate in a sponsored walk/run raising money for charity. 

Attend the gym 15 times in one month. 

Have an official diagnosis. 

Attend an appointment with a Dysautonomia specialist. 

Attend a Dysautonomia Event. 

Be body positive. 

Meditate every day for one month. 



Make travel books of all my previous trips. 

Backpack Australia.

Travel on my own. 

Visit Japan. 

Go to Disney, Orlando. 

Visit Ireland. 

Visit Scotland. 



Learn python. 

Learn how to use the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Learn how to use the basics of Adobe Photoshop. 

Learn level 1 BSL.

Learn German.

Learn how to use Final Cut Pro. 

Build a website using code. 

Complete a course in Social Media Management.



Interested in my Film work? Visit my online portfolio!

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