My Key to Productivity whilst in Quarantine​ || My Top 5 Tips & Tricks!

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Hello lovelies

I can’t believe it has actually taken a pandemic for me to finally click back onto WordPress.

I hope all my readers are well and thank you for bearing with me this year (so far) with my lack of content! As I’m sure you are all aware we are currently in the middle of a pandemic with Europe being the epicentre. During this time it is extremely important to keep motivated and productive making sure not to fall into the slump of sitting around the house all day.

This is going to be a very difficult time for many with the current situation heightening anxiety and many other mental health conditions. These are some of the tricks I’m implementing over the coming months in an attempt to stop my mental health spiralling out of control – saying this however doesn’t mean that what I do is right for everyone!


A quick reminder to make sure you don’t:

panic buy – there is plenty of food to go around if everyone buys considerably.

Follow the Governments advice – the sooner we all self isolate the sooner we can have the freedom to do what we like again.

Be kind – appreciate those shelf stackers, NHS workers, School Teachers, Care Workers and Delivery Drivers and make sure to distance yourself from them as much as you can we are putting our lives on the line to help you!



1. Learn Something New!

This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn a new skill. I have decided to start learning British Sign Language over the upcoming months alongside completing my third year Univerity work remotely! But you could take up sewing, gardening, video making or baking to name a few ideas.

Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 14.26.01

Anyone who knows me is aware of how motivating I find StudyTubers when it comes to academic work. Many of my favourite StudyTubers have joined together during this pandemic to entertain and teach viewers something new every single day!

View the StudyTubeProject here!

2. Keep to Routine

I know you are sitting at home all day without seeing anyone besides those you live with however I cannot express to you the importance of routine! Wake up at the same time you would for work, shower, complete your skincare routine and get dressed as you usually would. I can guarantee you will definitely feel better for it and get a lot more done as a result!

3. Timetable your Day

Timetabling your day is a great way to make sure you get everything done you need/want to. If you’re currently off School/College/University why not stick to your timetable to complete your work? Alternatively Set up a timetable which incorporates exercise, daily routines, great meals, learning something new and downtime?

4. Create a daily/weekly to-do list

Make sure to make your to-do list specific. Rather writing “reply to emails” instead write “reply to Karen’s email”. This will make you celebrate the completion of the smaller tasks. This will also help the list appear less overwhelming as well as allowing you to balance your time well. Weekly to-do lists put less pressure on each day however if you’re like me may find yourself putting most of your tasks off until the end of the week.

5. Check-in on Friends

Although you aren’t able to physically see friends or family this doesn’t mean all communication needs to be cut off. Give them a phone call, facetime or write them a letter to let them know how much you appreciate them. If you have a friend struggling with their mental health or with a high risk underlying condition check they are ok and have all the supplies they need. This could be a lifeline for them! If you are that person then don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends or family as I’m sure they would love to help you out!


I hope some of these tips and tricks help over the upcoming weeks! I will try to keep posting as much as I can in an attempt to help my followers through these tough unheard-of times!

I would love to hear where in the world you are based and what you are doing to keep yourself motivated and productive! Make sure to leave a comment down below.

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