Exploring Oslo || Norway 2018

Hello Lovelies

I am back with another travel related blog post about one about my recent adventures in Norway. This time last year I went on a Christmassy Holiday to Norway (yes it has taken me a year to get round to writing this posts). This trip I was accompanied by my favourite travel buddy Elliott (who assures me will start uploading to his blog again soon) and our friend Georgia.

Our trip consisted of three locations; Oslo, Bergan and Tromso.

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Our trip started in Oslo, the capital of Norway. This was mostly a stopover before venturing onto the main leg of our journey. Of course, although only having a few hours we went to experience what Oslo had to offer. One of the reasons we chose to visit Norway at this time of year was because of all the cute Christmas Markets the country has to offer. As we had limited time to see this city we decided to take a walk to the large Christmas market-based in the centre of town.


On route, we passed many landmarks including the famous Opera house which we decided to climb to the top of although instantly regretted the decision. Don’t get me wrong the view from the top was amazing but climbing in thick ice and snow made getting up and down very scary! I wish I took a sledge up so that I could ride my way down!


After stopping for a few photos on route (make sure to follow my instagram so you don’t miss out on all my upcoming posts) we reached the Christmas market! Filled with rides & loads of sweet treats this was a great location for both tourists and locals alike. This was the moment that I began to feel all Christmassy which set me up for the rest of the trip! Fortunately, the Christmas market was located directly opposite the Hard Rock Cafe in Oslo so of course, myself and Elliott had to go in and pick up a pin to add to our collection.

The hardest thing for me whilst visiting Norway was eating out. If you read my blog regularly you will know I have quite a few dietary requirements. When away I tend to avoid large chain restaurants but on this first night after reading menus of many different places we landed ourselves in TGI Fridays. One thing I would commend Norway’s restaurants for is their menus for people with allergies/intolerances. Each menu (in basically every restaurant) stated every ingredient that is a potential allergen for each dish. This is something that I would like seen in UK restaurants. It also means that everyone can order from one menu rather than having to order from a different one.

Something to bare in mind whilst visiting Norway is how expensive everything is. It is tough to do Norway on a budget. We cooked 5/6 nights and still struggled to keep costs down (a pack of four chicken breasts cost the equivalent of £10.00) so you can only imagine how much a TGI Fridays for three cost. Following this, we went back to our AirBnB, a lovely little flat located in the city centre.


So that concludes our time in Oslo, the visit was short but sweet and would definitely recommend this city! One day I would like to stay a little longer is explore more of what the city has to offer. Up next: Bergan!

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