Thoughts: Starting my Third Year of University

hi lovelies

I can’t believe I have made it to this point. I am officially in my third year of University, it only feels like yesterday that I was a fresher.



If you have been around on my blog for a while I wrote a post like this a year ago ready to start my second year. Be sure to check out my thoughts from a year ago here.



I remember this time a year ago being extremely nervous about starting my second year. My grades were suddenly considerably more important, I was carving my path in my specialism which was completely new and I was just finding my feet in friendships that started to develop at the end of the previous year.

Third-year, however, brings a lot more apprehension. Dissertation, Grad Films, Grad Opportunities and lots of external projects. I’m already drowning and haven’t been back a week (there have already been many a mental breakdown between myself and my friends).

One of the things I was worried about last year was time management and fortunately, I managed to balance everything well and meet all my deadlines. This year this is going to be much more intense especially whilst specialising in producing. I am 100% up for the challenge though!

Read My goals for the next academic year.



Something I haven’t yet done this year is a big stationery shop! A must for the start of term. It may sound a bit silly but I love the motivation that comes with new stationery.



I really hope to be able to keep up my blog throughout this year though at times that may be difficult for me (as you probably noticed over the past couple of weeks. I apologise for the lack of posts). Even quick posts like this one for me to document my final year so I can look back in the future and hopefully help some of you yet to reach your final year of university.

I do hope that you decide to join me for my final year of university and beyond trying to break into the film/marketing industry *yikes*.


Are you at University? If so which year have you just started? Let me know in the comments!

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