Gluten-Free​ and Vegan Desserts || Vegabond Amsterdam Review

hello lovelies

There is nothing I love more than finding Gluten-Free and Vegan restaurants whilst travelling and Amsterdams Vegabond definitely didn’t disappoint!


Those of you who are regular readers of my blog will know I’m gluten, wheat, cows milk and egg intolerant and therefore Gluten-Free Vegan restaurants are a rare treat for me. I will always feel overwhelmed by the amount of choice these restaurants give me.

As you will see by the amount of food we just couldn’t resist.


Can we please just take a moment to appreciate the whipped cream on these hot chocolates?! This is the one thing I have missed most since being cows milk free! I definitely got overly excited over this and am totally debating a Eurostar to Amsterdam just to get my hands back on one of these Hot Chocolates.

(Is anyone able to direct me towards a good vegan whipped cream in the UK?)

I suck at making decisions at the best of times but when in a situation like this I CAN’T MAKE THEM! This resulted in me choosing a bit of everything. Though probably excessive it had its benefits as we were able to take them away and enjoy them later on our train journey back to the airport.

The two of us shared a Hazelnut Chocolate Brownie (my favourite), Chocolate Chip Banana Bread (Elliott’s favourite), Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownie and a Hazelnut Chocolate Cake which was much more like a cheesecake!


It wasn’t just sweet things on offer. They also had wraps and sandwiches though we arrived slightly too early for lunch. There’s also a deli and they stock lots of Gluten-Free and vegan goods in-store many of which are used in their own recipes.

Not only was the food lovely but the staff were even lovelier! More than happy to help and make us comfortable. Also no judgement on the number of sweet treats we bought!

Vegabond is definitely high on my list of places to go back to!



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3 thoughts on “Gluten-Free​ and Vegan Desserts || Vegabond Amsterdam Review

  1. This all looks absolutely incredible! I can totally relate to the excitement when you find places with lots of amazing options. I’m vegan, GF and can’t eat coconut so a lot of dessert options get ruled out for me, unfortunately. You can get soy whip here in the UK, I’m yet to try it so I’m not sure how much it tastes like the real thing x



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