Lake Garda || Our Italian Adventure

hello lovelies

Can’t believe I’m out on the road (or tracks should we say) again! Currently writing this I am on the train to Florence after a crazy few days exploring Lake Garda in Italy.

We are here celebrating Elliott’s 21st Birthday! With this trip being much more relaxed than our usual trips it’s been lovely to recuperate a little bit especially after our big backpacking trip earlier this summer.

Lake Garda offers amazing views no matter where you stop to have a look. Surrounded by mountains this glacier lake is beautifully blue and clear, perfect for taking a dip.

We spent a total of 4 days exploring the lake though this was a little eventful with our hire car breaking down on day 2 resulting in us almost losing the entire day.

During this leg of the trip, we stayed in a beautiful (slightly creepy) winery in Affi.

Check out the Airbnb we stayed in here!

Being surrounded by grapevines giving beautiful views of fields and the mountains. I would definitely stay here if visiting the area again (which is possible as there’s so much more we’d like to explore!)

If you get the chance I would definitely recommend visiting the Lake Garda Italy right up in the north! You will need to have a car as public transport is very limited and we also found taxi prices to be shockingly high as well as having very limited availability.

You could do a holiday purely for visiting Lake Garda. If so I’d definitely recommend looking at making your way around the lake to make sure you don’t miss any of those amazing views!

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2 thoughts on “Lake Garda || Our Italian Adventure

  1. Lake Garda looks absolutely gorgeous – I really want to go there now! I have done Sorrento, Florence, Venice and Rome but still there are so many more places I want to visit there! xx


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