My Goals this Academic Year! || Third Year University Student

hi lovelies


I can’t believe how quickly this summer has gone! Although I am sad for it to be coming to an end and in no way ready for the new year to begin I am looking forward to the hustle and structure an academic year brings *something I am going to miss very much once I graduate*.

This year is a big one for me! I am heading into my third year of University which is so scary to think about. This year I have to write and submit my dissertation, work on productions bigger than I have so far within my course and also hopefully graduate at the end of it!

To make sure I keep on track I want to write down my goals for the upcoming year. Not only is this going to help motivate me it also holds me accountable putting the pressure on to reach these goals. So let’s write out all of my goals for the upcoming year!



I guess this is the biggest one! Out of everything I want to achieve this year graduating is definitely at the top. No matter what I want to walk across the hall (hoping I don’t trip) to collect my degree next June. Of course, I am hoping to achieve a 1st Class Honours however I know the intensity of this year is going to increase massively so as long as I have worked my hardest I will be extremely proud of my result.


Submit a great Dissertation

Academic writing is something I have always struggled with which does panic me when it comes to writing my dissertation. I am hoping as this is my own research based on a topic I am very interested in I will be able to write a great dissertation that I am truly passionate about.


Get Relevant Work Experience

The one thing I am lacking in massively is relevant work experience within film production. I currently have one internship lined up for the next month however I definitely would like to get more experience before this academic year is up to increase my chances of finding employment as well as giving me the opportunity to find my passions within the industry.


Visit the Gym 3 Times a Week

The one thing I have been really slacking in recently is visiting the gym. I would like to set myself the goal of going to the gym at least 3 times every week. Whether that be to do cardio, lift weights or swim. I think the gym is a perfect release from the stresses in the workplace and uni giving you a great escape for an hour or so.


Have a Masters/Placement/Job lined up

This time next year I would love to have something lined up ready for September 2020. The thought of not having something there and ready sends me into a panic spiral so I try not to dwell on it too much at the moment. This is, however, something I need to keep fresh in my mind taking up as many opportunities as possible to ensure I’m not just floating as a graduate.



Are you returning to school/college/university this September? Or have you recently graduated? No matter what stage you are in life I would love to know what you have lined up and your goals for the next year in the comments down below!


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3 thoughts on “My Goals this Academic Year! || Third Year University Student

  1. These are some great goals, in my third year I also tried to go to the gym as often as possible and found that it helped some much with giving me about more discipline in my routine. Goodluck with your dissertation x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌟


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