A Trip to the Tea on the Tea Terrace || Eating Gluten & Dairy Free​

hi lovelies

Just over a week ago my sister celebrated her 20th Birthday. We decided to visit The Tea Terrace in Cobham for a spot of lunch. As always when trying new food establishments I love to document my experience especially when they promise a good and varied free from menu.

Now time to spill the tea on this ‘tea-riffic‘ tea room!


This little cafe was magical with its princess-like decoration was an Instagrammers dream. Of course, we took advantage of this during our visit.


The gluten-free menu was included in the main menu booklet which is always appreciated by me as it means I don’t need to ask for a separate menu before sitting down. It also included an easy to read key which helped (as someone with multiple intolerances) make my choice in food. I ordered a savoury crepe with tuna mayo filling with chips and a side salad (though you could get coleslaw if you are tolerant to milk). There was definitely is plenty to choose from on the menu no matter what your intolerance though I always would recommend checking the restaurant’s menu prior to your visit.



However, I was a little disappointed to find the one dessert I could eat was no longer stocked. A shame as Orange and Lavender cake (gluten and dairy-free) sounded like a great treat! I wasn’t too disheartened though as this is something I’ve come to expect whilst living with such a restricted diet.

You may have seen this little restaurant featured recently on the news for their robot waitress. There was in fact, a film crew inside recording the robot serving a table. She did spend most of its time at the front of the store not doing much. It was entertaining to see her in action though.

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I would definitely recommend this tea room to both those with intolerances and those without! The key on the menu is invaluable when making choices and is something I wish all businesses could introduce. The prices were reasonable though it is extra to sit in the Cinderella-style carriages though this would definitely be worthwhile if you have the extra money or are celebrating a special occasion.


Have any of you with multiple food intolerances managed to find a place to have afternoon tea? It has always been a dream of mine but now with my restricted diet is something that feels a little unreachable! If you have let me know in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “A Trip to the Tea on the Tea Terrace || Eating Gluten & Dairy Free​

  1. I actually went to the Tea Terrace in London Victoria for my friend’s 20th birthday as well! It was so cute but I felt a bit awkward as we were the only ones in there at the time. Definitely not as busy as I had anticipated it to be! xx


  2. The robot kind of creeped me out but all things take some getting used to. It is beyond wonderful to hear that this sweet little place has such a diverse number of options so that many people can eat there.


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