Széchenyi Thermal Baths || Backpacking Europe!

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To continue on from my previous Backpacking Europe post I wanted to share a little more information on the Széchenyi Thermal Baths in Budapest.

The water used in the baths is provided by a hot spring containing calcium, magnesium, hydro-carbonate, sodium and sulphate. It is deemed to be natural healing water which is naturally warm.


The therapeutic baths claim to help ease:

degenerative joint diseases

chronic and sub-acute arthritis

orthopaedic and post-accident ailments

as well as many other conditions




The baths offer a range of different entry prices and ticket types, a full list of prices can be viewed here. We decided to visit in the evening with the use of a locker costing us 5200 Ft. Considering what was included in the price I thought this to be very reasonable.

The evening was definitely the right decision for us as the intense heat was much more manageable meaning we didn’t need to lather up in sun cream which is always a perk for us. It was also lovely to see the sunset and to have the baths light up. In the day it would probably have a more holiday resort pool feel side to it which personally I don’t think I’d of enjoyed quite as much.

There are both thermal baths indoors and outdoors. The indoor ones are much quieter whereas the outdoor, as predicted was much busier but this definitely didn’t lead us to enjoy the experience any less.

The only downside to the experience was that we got lost trying to find our way back to the locker rooms at the end! It was a bit of a maze and wasn’t well signposted so if you visit definitely pay more attention to the way down to the baths.


This was for sure an amazing experience though and one I’d love to do again!



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