How I Chose my Dissertation Topic

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Today I’m going to talk about something myself and many other students about to start their third year of University are tackling at the moment.

I am in the position where I have a much earlier dissertation deadline than many other Universities so had to decide on my topic before I finished my second year. It was tough and a very stressful couple of weeks in the lead up to my proposal. So today I thought I would share how I decided on a topic I am excited to be researching. So I will start with the most important questions I asked myself whilst choosing my area of research.



Of course, there was no question I would choose to combine my two favourite things. Film production and Tourism! Not only is it relevant to my degree and what I aspire to do after University but it is something I have a genuine interest in which I will be motivated by throughout my research!



Is this something I am genuinely interested in?

This one is probably the most important question of them all! This is something you are going to have to stick with day in and day out for 6 months or more. It has to be something that keeps you engaged and excited to learn more about.

Is it relevant?

I would always recommend doing something relating to your course as well as something you would like to carry on further after University. The one question you will be asked as a graduate throughout your life is what you did your research on. It’s important for it to be relevant.

Are there enough resources?

Of course part of your dissertation will be finding your own research however it’s important to have resources to back up your points or to argue against. Your University will also require a certain number and a variety of references.

Is it specific enough or too restrictive?

There’s a balance that needs to be met when it comes to choosing a title. You don’t want it to be too vague but also don’t it to be too narrow. I also wouldn’t worry about your title too much for now as it will change throughout the course of your research.



Are you in the process of choosing your research topic or have you already completed a dissertation? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “How I Chose my Dissertation Topic

  1. I have done my dissertation last year, it was basically to answer a question – would sad mood lead to better smile authenticity judgements 🙂 (I’m now just finishing my masters project, on self-compassion, body compassion and guided imagery) As someone studying psychology, I’ve always wondered how dissertations work for people outside of psychology courses. I actually find the entire process of figuring out a topic absolutely fascinating, you can learn so much just by doing some research into the area! And when you actually do something that no one has ever thought about that is pretty rewarding.
    Laura /

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    1. That sounds so interesting! I also often wonder the same as courses outside the arts. Maybe a good blog post for me to write a little down the line! It is so fascinating and I think you can learn so much about someone based on the topic they choose. Good luck with your master’s​ course and thank you for stopping by!x


  2. My dissertation topic and my thesis topic are actually not so dissimilar tbh and I love them both! I think if you’re writing about something that you genuinely enjoy it makes it slightly easier to write about! X

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿


  3. My proposal for my English Language dissertation is due in a few weeks so I’m loving reading posts like this at the moment! It can feel quite overwhelming! But this was very helpful so thank you for posting ☺️ x


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