Vienna, Austria || Backpacking Europe!

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Back again with another travel Thursday post and the 5th instalment of my Backpacking Europe! Series.

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We left Ljubljana, Slovenia in the morning after a not so great sleep. Once we were up, ready and enjoyed our free breakfast at the Hostel we started our walk down to the bus station to catch our FlixBus en route to Vienna, Austria. This was a particularly long bus journey totalling five hours of travel time, though we were grateful for the rest this journey allowed us.


Once in Vienna, we needed to navigate our way to our Hostel. We made our journey to our Hostel quickly as we only had an evening to experience Vienna.



Check out the Hostel we stayed at here!



This was the biggest and busiest Hostel we stayed in but it was actually quite nice. We somehow managed to land ourselves the biggest room with an ensuite also accompanied by some lovely roomies. We spent about an hour chilling in the Hostel freshening up to go out for the evening. We did some research into food outlets nearby as we hadn’t eaten since breakfast and didn’t have anything on us to utilise the kitchen. Elliott managed to find a vegan restaurant just around the corner which also catered for Gluten Free. We got ourselves ready and headed out for the evening.

It was a short walk to the restaurant. According to reviews I had read by fellow gluten-free people everything on the menu is gluten-free however this wasn’t the case. There were still plenty of options though to choose from!


I would definitely recommend visiting Swing Kitchen in Vienna especially if you are vegan!


After enjoying our dinner which gave us a much-needed energy boost. We decided to do a quick walk to see some of the sights around the city and make our way towards the Theme Park.



Due to the time that we got to Vienna pretty much everything was closed however we were able to appreciate the amazing architecture around this city. It’s so beautiful! We also took a walk through the main town with all the shops comparing it to London. This was the first time we found ourselves in a busy working city similar to home on this trip! It was oddly refreshing as I seem to find comfort in the busy chaos.

Once we did our quick walking tour around the city we hopped onto the metro and made our way over to the theme park for the remainder of the evening.


Ferris Wheel at Vienna Prater


It would definitely be an expensive day out if you wanted to make the most of this theme park! It was 4 euros up per ride each. We decided we were only going to do one which we thought was going to be the Ferris wheel but decided against it when we found it to be 12 euros each! Instead, we walked around this massive theme park deciding what ride we would like to do. We didn’t realise quite how big this theme park was until we found ourselves lost down lots of different alleyways surrounded by lots of different rides. There truly is something for everyone at this park and would definitely recommend paying it a visit.

We then made our way back to our Hostel for a good night sleep ready to be back on the road again the following morning!


Vienna, Austria is definitely somewhere I would love to go back to! We definitely didn’t give ourselves enough time to visit this amazing and beautiful city. I do believe that if we spent longer there this city could’ve had the potential to be my favourite of the trip.

Have you visited Vienna before? If you have I would love to hear your suggestions in the comments of where you recommend visiting! If you haven’t been to Vienna which location to you think I should visit next? I would love to know!

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6 thoughts on “Vienna, Austria || Backpacking Europe!

  1. I have never visited Vienna but I would love to! The architecture there is meant to be incredible!
    As someone who visited Thorpe Park a lot when I was younger, I find the idea of paying per ride ridiculous! Did they have an all-day pass? xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s beautiful! As someone who visited Thorpe Park a lot when I was younger also the thought of paying for each ride individually seems ridiculous also. For our visit, it wasn’t too much of an issue as we set off with the intention of only doing one or two rides as we had limited time but to get the best experience of this park you’d need a lot longer there. I didn’t see any option of paying for a day pass whilst there or any way of buying credits to go towards a certain number of rides (which I have seen elsewhere in Europe). I guess though once you add up the price of each ride you would be looking at the around same amount spent as you would for a day pass at Thorpe Park. One benefit of their system means if you weren’t planning on doing any rides but still wanted the experience you could walk around for free. Thank you for reading! x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That was the case in Copenhagen – you could either pay by ride or pay for a day pass with unlimited rides. I think it would be better for my mum who always had to pay for entry but never went on any rides so it was always a waste of money. If you just want to wander around and take photographs though, it is also a good deal. xx


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