My Top Tips for Travelling with Food Intolerance​ ♡

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One of the biggest struggles of travelling for me is always my food intolerances! I’m sure most of you who also suffer from food allergies or intolerances have also faced this hurdle. I would hate the thought of my restricted diet stopping me from doing the things I love! So today I thought I would share some of the wisdom I have gained over the past year of travelling without eating Wheat, Gluten, Egg or Milk. As always if you think of something I haven’t mentioned let us know in the comments!




This has to be my BIGGEST tip! You can never bring too many snacks when going abroad. Think about the food you would usually snack on for the duration you’re away at home and bring the equivalent if not more. At least you will know you won’t completely starve whilst away. I made the mistake of not doing this recently on my backpacking trips and it results in a very hangry Jess at times. I also always take a staple food with me usually either pasta or bread so that I know if all else fails I can at least guarantee on eating something. The only downside to this is having to carry this food around. I definitely miss the convenience of walking into a cafe and picking up whatever I fancy to eat.



I always do some research into the places I am going to see how much food I need to bring with me. I know for a fact places like Italy accommodate brilliantly for food intolerances whereas, from my experience, Germany doesn’t. How easy it is going to vary massively between place. Somewhere I always turn to for advice like this are facebook groups specifically by food intolerance.



We love Airbnb it means we are able to cook food fresh without the risk of cross-contamination, mislabeling or miscommunication. This is an absolute saviour while we’re away. We always know we can rely on chicken and rice if all else fails!



There are many apps on the market now which sourced food options for those who have restricted diets. Biteappy and HappyCow being two of my favourites. HappyCow is specifically for sourcing Vegan restaurants or those with Vegan options. This is great if you have milk or egg intolerance. Biteappy caters for everything. You just need to enter your intolerances or preferences and then will find what is local. This is a great app even if you don’t have an intolerance or allergy.



There are so many bloggers out there with food intolerances or allergies who share their experiences and food diaries from when they went on holiday. This is a great opportunity to get some inspiration and an honest review of specific locations or restaurants. My personal favourite is Becky Excell’s blog but there also many others out there if you have a look! I hope to start doing posts like these also!



So those are my 5 top tips for travelling with food intolerance! If you have any other tips or any experiences you would like to share please comment down below! I look forward to reading all of your comments on this post as am always opening to learning new things when it comes to food.

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13 thoughts on “My Top Tips for Travelling with Food Intolerance​ ♡

    1. I can relate to that my stomach is also very sensitive which can be a nightmare travelling by itself! I hope some of these tips will be useful​ for you on your upcoming travels.

      Jess ♡


  1. Great tips! Love the Airbnb one, it so much easier when you have a kitchen to cook in when travelling. This is a really helpful post.

    Caitlin |


  2. Fab post! My sisters kids all have food intolerances so trying to eat out anywhere is a nightmare, mainly due to the cross contamination when places cook the food. We always have to remember to take our own food with us to make sure they’ve all got something that they can eat.


  3. Great post 🙂 my sisters kids all have food intolerances and it’s a nightmare if we ever try and go out for a family meal because the majority of places can’t cater for us all. We have to take our own food everywhere. At least it means we get to enjoy lots of picnics!


    1. thank you so much! It is always a pain trying to eat out. Slowly but surely I am starting to find more restaurants catering to intolerances. I often get the gluten-free menu and then look for a vegan option. I hope you find some of these tips helpful when trying to eat out!x

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Cooking at home and carrying snacks with you are always really good ideas when travelling! I love using HappyCow to find vegan/vegetarian restaurants as well as Google Maps. I find that preparation is always important – finding restaurants in advance and asking recommendations from friends/family and adding these to a Google Map so you can easily find them whenever you are hungry. xx


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