Lake Bled ♡ Backpacking Europe!

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I am here with a bonus post today! As I mentioned in my previous post I believe that Lake Bled deserves a whole post of its own. The day we visited this blue paradise has to be my favourite day of the entire trip!

Check out my previous post in the series here!

We took a bus over to Bled from Ljubljana bus station in Slovenia. It was an hour journey so wasn’t bad at all especially compared to the other trips we had taken and was more like a coach journey than a typical bus. We jumped off the bus and immediately was greeted by gorgeous views, blue water and tonnes of natural beauty. We decided to follow the lake until we came to a place we’d like to pitch for the day. It was busy (though I imagine it gets a lot busier in the height of summer) so finding a place with a nice view took a little bit of finding.

IMG_1587 2

Of course, we stopped along the way to take photos and admire the view. We also bumped into a mad but lovely artist. Elliott usually collects hand-painted/drawn artwork everywhere we go. We noticed the artists amazing artwork of the lake and decided to purchase one. After paying and ready to continue our walk he stopped us to say that was only half of the gift. He got us to stand in front of him whilst he took out another piece of paper and started drawing shapes with his watercolours. We were both rather confused as to what he was doing but definitely intrigued. He started by looking at Elliott and we soon came to realise he was painting us. He then moved onto me and the results were amazing. You can genuinely tell that it was us. We thanked him and we continued to admire the painting whilst walking around the lake.

IMG_0702 2

We came to a wooden footpath right on the edge of the water which gave great views of the castle and island in the middle of the lake. It also gave us a chance to look into the clear, blue water and see the huge fish than swam below us.

Then we continued around the lake until we found somewhere lovely and shady to sit with a great view. We sat here for hours chatting, eating lunch and admiring the lush surrounding.


Once the suns intensity calmed down we decided to continue our way around the lake to a point where we could safely get into the water for a quick swim. We came to a shaded area where loads of people were swimming and decided to join them. We spent about an hour swimming which was very enjoyable. There’s something about swimming in natural water surrounded by beautiful scenery which I find so relaxing.

Processed with VSCO with p5 presetIMG_1659

After spending the hour in the water we realised we needed to start heading back to catch a bus back to Ljubljana. We started the stroll around the rest of the lake towards the bus stop. I’m so glad we walked around the entire lake I do feel as though I have truly experienced Lake Bled.


We reached the bus stop just in time to hop onto our next bus back. All was going well until we stopped. An accident had happened just a few cars ahead of us and the entire road was blocked. We spend 3 hours stuck on the bus without moving with no other route back. I think we were on the bus for a total of 5 hours for a journey which would usually only take an hour. We made the most of the situation though, as those who follow me on Instagram would have seen If you haven’t already I’d recommend checking out my backpacking highlights on my page!

Once finally back (around 11pm) we were still yet to eat dinner. We had been recommended Hot Horse which was highly recommended by locals and tourists alike. They sell horse burgers (actual horse) which were HUGE. I didn’t have one as a lot of its ingredients consisted of things I couldn’t have. Elliott however, did give it a try and gave it a big thumbs up. He will be uploading a post on this eventually I’m sure on his blog which you can read here!

We then headed back to the hostel ready to sleep in preparation for our next day of travel!


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10 thoughts on “Lake Bled ♡ Backpacking Europe!

  1. Everything sounds wonderful except I’m still unsure of where exactly Lake Bled is. What country. I know you wrote something that was either a city or country but I have never heard of that either. Oh, and also the horse burger. I’m vegetarian so that wouldn’t appeal to me but even if I weren’t I don’t think it would appeal to me. I love horses! Glad you guys are having fun though!


    1. ah yes sorry! I should’ve made that clear in this post. The previous post in this series gave a lot more context in terms of where we were. Lake Bled is in the city Bled in Slovenia. I agree with you in terms of the horse burger but I also like to live as much like a local as possible when visiting a country often leading to eating some strange but wonderful things. Thank you for reading!

      Jess ♡


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