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to pick up where we last left off in the previous post in this series

Once packed up we left the hostel and began the walk to the bus station ready to take our first Flix Bus of the trip. We arrived early thankfully as finding our bus stop proved more difficult than originally thought. Flix Bus recommend you arrive at the bus stop at least 15 minutes before to ensure you make it in time to catch your coach. Definitely, follow their advice as to where you find information varies massively depending on which city you are in.


Top Tip: Always arrive at least 15 minutes early for your booked transportation!


Once we found our bus stop we had a short wait till our bus showed up. Once it arrived we boarded and found our seats. When travelling by a Flix Bus they will ask to see your passport before boarding (especially when crossing the border) make sure you have it easily accessible whenever on the bus to save time and hassle.


Ljubljana was one of the destinations on this trip I was the most excited for! Whilst doing my research so many people were saying how surprised how impressed they were with this little city which made me even more excited to go. Peoples reviews were definitely not wrong. I would even go as far as to say that this was my favourite location on the whole trip.

We had a bit of a walk from the Bus station to our Hostel which again was a bit of a battle in the heat we were faced with but it was a pleasant and easy walk. About 20 minutes is all it took for us to reach our hostel which we arrived at slightly earlier than originally planned. The lovely staff at this Hostel allowed us to wait in the common room until they were ready to check us in.


Check out the hostel we stayed in here!



Something we began to find when arriving at hostels is being able to choose our beds. We both expected to have beds assigned to us before arriving but this wasn’t the case in a  majority of Hostels we stayed in. This hostel had triple bunks and I decided to stay at the top which was a pretty interesting but also scary experience!


This oddly was my favourite hostel of the trip which is surprising considering how small it was and how little sleep I got especially on the second night. I think the staff were what made this hostel. They were so lovely and helpful adding little touches here and there to improve your stay. They also seemed genuinely interested in your experience of the city and wen out of their way to help you no matter what your request.

After eating the salad we made the previous evening for lunch that day and looking at the map we made a plan to see as much of the city on foot as we could that day. Then we were off for an afternoon of sightseeing in the blazing heat!




We headed into the city which was filled with beautiful architecture, adorable streets and tonnes of history. The entire city was so picturesque and no matter where you looked there was always something to admire. We spent the first part of our trip around the city sightseeing and dipping in and out of tourist shops.



We then decided to make our way up to the castle. Now there usually is a funicular up to the top but unfortunately were there on the few days it was closed for repairs so the only way up was to walk! This was not an easy walk especially with how hot it was and we took quite a few breaks on the way up but it was worth every step once we reached the top. The views of the city were amazing and we paid to enter the castle which was rich in the history of the city. We spent a couple of hours walking around the castle exploring all the different rooms including an exhibition of puppets which was terrifying in my eyes but interesting none the less.



Whilst in the castle the intensity of the sun lowered considerably which was very much appreciated by us. We sat outside the castle under a tree looking out over the city. We then made our descent back down towards the main city stopping for a few photos along the way and then back to our hostel stopping at the shops to pick up some food on the way.




The evening was spent cooking and then relaxing getting an early night in as we were both exhausted. We spoke with the staff at the hostel about visiting Lake Bled the following day and the best route to get there before making our way to bed.


That is going to be where I leave this post for Ljublijana as I believe that Lake Bled is worthy of a bonus post of its own! This will include our final evening in Ljublijana before heading off to our next location.

Have you visited Ljublijana? If so what was your favourite part of it? Let me know in the comments!

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