An Evening in Zagreb, Croatia || Backpacking Europe!

hello lovelies

You join me back reflecting on my time interrailing around Europe earlier this month! Now time to continue on the journey where we left off in the previous post of this series.




After a better night sleep, we woke up early ready to check out of our hostel to make our way over to Zagreb. This was our first experience of packing up in a hostel trying not to wake everyone around us. We made the smart decision the previous evening to pre-pack everything we could leaving only the things we needed that night and the next morning meaning we had as little to pack in the morning as possible. We then were able in the morning to get our backpacks out of the lockers, take everything from our beds and make our way out to the common room. We were able to get ready for the day in the bathrooms and finish packing the last few bits where it was extremely quiet as everyone else was asleep.

Once packed up we left the hostel and began the walk to the train station ready for our first lengthy train journey of the trip! For this train, we had reserved seats although many of the seats around us were free. We made the decision to prebook all of our major transport in order to save money. Obviously, this may vary depending on the trip you are wanting to take. Personally, I prefer having a plan knowing I will have somewhere to stay and a means of transport especially with this being my first time backpacking. If I were to do this trip again I would most probably be a little more relaxed when it came to the amount we pre-booked (as we ran into issues later on in the trip) however it was great for peace of mind.



Top Tip: Prebooking is a great way to save money!



A few hours later and we were pulling into Zagreb Station! We had about a 30-minute walk ahead of us to our next Hostel. At this point, we were both dehydrated and hungry so our first port of call was to consult google maps to find a cafe or somewhere we could grab something to eat. We found a shop (very similar to Boots in the UK) which sold drinks however we couldn’t see anywhere on the map where I would be able to eat with my restricted diet. This is something I am very used to and why bringing plenty of snacks is a big must for me! We continued walking with the thought that we will pass something where at least Elliott could pick up something to eat. We also managed to locate the bus station for the following morning which happened to have a shop selling sandwiches, pastries and paninis next door. Elliott managed to pick up a couple of things to try and we continued our journey to the Hostel with only about 10 minutes left to go.

This day was a particularly hot one so that 10 minutes seemed a lot longer than in reality it was! Dealing with the heat and a backpack is definitely challenging. We arrived at our Hostel and waited in the reception for a member of staff to come down and greet us.



Check out the hostel we stayed in here!



We were so lucky with this Hostel! I don’t know if it was the time of year we were travelling or what but we somehow managed to land ourselves a private room for just £8. Originally when we booked the room we agreed to share our room with 30 others. When we arrived though we found the Hostel almost empty with it being fully booked for the following night. I think we just got very lucky! This Hostel was by far the comfiest that we stayed in throughout the whole trip complete with a memory foam pillow and powerful aircon. We both definitely slept well this night.

After having a moment at the Hostel to freshen up and recuperate we decided to head out. We only had one evening in Zagreb so we had to try and fit in as much as possible. with the extreme heat we didn’t want to overheat too much trekking across the city so decided to take the tram over to the Museum of Illusion which we both were very excited to visit.

If you haven’t heard of the Museum of Illusions it’s basically a museum based on Illusions (the clue is in the name). They are based all over the world so you may have been to one even if you haven’t been to Zagreb. I would definitely recommend visiting if you are in a city that has one. We spent over two hours exploring, taking pictures and trying to solve puzzles. It was the perfect excuse to go back to being a kid again.


After spending most of our evening at the museum we decided to see some of the landmarks on foot. I love exploring a city on foot as I believe it’s the best way to see as much as possible as well as experiencing the culture of the city. It was also such a lovely evening which had cooled down considerably. We managed to catch the ‘Golden Hour’ whilst sightseeing with many of the tourists and locals experiencing the cities beauty together.



Before making our way back to the hostel via the tram we needed to pick up something for dinner. Although we hadn’t eaten much that day neither of us fancied anything too heavy. With a short amount of time before the supermarkets shut we decided to settle on a salad with sliced chicken and pepperoni which we could box up for lunch the following day.

Unfortunately, once we got back to the Hostel when making dinner we found the chicken we had bought to be off. Frustrating, especially as this was the most expensive part of the meal. We shared the pepperoni before preparing ourselves for bed ready for our fairly early start the next day to travel over to our next location!



Have any of you visited Zagreb in Croatia or are planning on visiting? I would love to know in the comments!

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