I’m Back!

Hello Lovelies,


How have five months passed since my last post on here? Ironically my previous post was supposed to be part one of three in my Norway diaries (I still plan on completing these for you all to read!).

I have been super busy over the past few months which I know isn’t a strong enough excuse for completely abandoning my blog, something I get so much enjoyment from. Somehow during my five months away, I have gained some new followers so hello if you are new (I promise that I usually upload more often than I have been).

I have plenty of new and exciting content coming up! Some study related, loads travel related and I even need to update you all on my 21st Birthday which happened in March (what an eventful trip that turned out to be!). I hope you all decide to stick around here and forgive me for the lack of content.

I have a few questions and would love to know your responses so please respond in the comments below!

What type of content do you enjoy reading? (e.g. travel, study, lifestyle)

When do you usually read blog posts?

How important are photos in a blog post to you? Do you prefer professional, put together photos or natural photos taken on the go?

I look forward to reading your responses!

Follow me on Bloglovin’  to easily see whenever I post! Also are we friends yet on Instagram? It’ll be lovely to see some of you over there @jessicabensonn_


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