♡ 50 things that make me smile ♡


It is often difficult to see the positives in everyday situations. We’re so wrapped up in the stresses that everyday life brings it’s hard to find time to take a step back and truly notice the smaller things that make us smile. This is something I have been struggling with recently so I decided to challenge myself to make a list of my top 50 things that put a smile on my face.

1. my family

2. my two cats (Luna&Bambi)

3. lazy days

4. my best friend

5. a good hair day

6. musicals

7. travelling

8. bath bombs

9. listening to music

10. having a laugh with good friends

11. blogging

12. the university experience

13. the autumn leaves

14. Performing

15. pamper evenings

16. photography

17. new stationary

18. exploring new places

19. gluten free/vegan cake

20. christmas movies

21. candles

22. meeting new amazing people

23. animal experiences

24. buying new outfits

25. being on set

26. reading blog posts

27. blankets

28. takeaways

29. free from chocolate

30. organisation

31. seeing everyone around me happy

32. starbucks coffee

33. a good photo

42. being able to work with animals

43. movie evenings

44. reading everyone’s lovely comments

45. blueberries

46. netflix series

47. christmas markets

48. hot chocolate with marshmallows

49. birthdays

50. the opportunity for new experiences

I honestly found this a lot harder than I originally thought it would. I have been pondering over this list for weeks now and has taught me to look for the positives during everyday situations. What makes you smile? List five things that have made you smile today however big or small! I would love to read your responses.

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