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Hello Lovelies,

Today I would like to look back at my favourite places I have visited so far! It was so hard to narrow all the places I have visited into my top 5 especially seeing as some of these places I haven’t visited in the last couple of years. Saying that though I think I have narrowed it down and it has been really enjoyable looking back at the trips I have been on and going through all the photos! So here we go… my top five favourite places I have visited so far.



5. Sorrento


Sorrento, the home of Limoncello. I absolutely loved this place even though I have only spent one single day there. Located in Italy Sorrento is a quaint little town easily reached by ferry departing from Naples and I would definitely recommend the day trip if we ever do visit Italy. This town is peaceful with quiet beaches where you can paddle or sunbathe. There are also many lovely restaurants for a spot of lunch or dinner and cute shops to look around for gifts or memorabilia.

4. Paris


Paris is the place I have visited the most and also the place we’re planning on returning to next year. Paris is a city that I often return to. Not far from London (where I’m based) easily reached by the Eurotunnel or Eurostar it’s hard not to visit this beautiful city. As someone who struggles with flying having the option of a train that takes you under the sea rather than over it is very appealing. There is also so much to see, do and photograph aka my dream destination. My first trip being with my college back in 2015 on an excursion whilst on a trip to Disneyland. This was my first time going up the Eiffel Tower and have been up it twice more since once during daylight and the other at night.

3. Barcelona


A beautiful hot city with plenty to see and do Barcelona is perfect if you enjoy walks, pretty views and the sun. The first day of this trip we walked MILES (and that’s not even an exaggeration) up a hill but what we reached at the top was definitely worth it. We reached a cable car station which takes you up to the highest point of Barcelona. I would definitely recommend this if you aren’t afraid of heights as the views you get are magnificent. You can hop off at the top to take photos overlooking the whole city. You are also able to reach PortAventura easily by train which is great if you are a bit of a ‘Theme Park Junkie’.

2. Copenhagen


The top two were the hardest to decide between but this time Copenhagen is taking second place. I absolutely love this city and honestly is the place I could see myself living extremely happily in. Full of loving people it is obvious how this city is viewed as one of the happiest in the world. Everyone should take a page out of Copenhagens book and I truly believe the world would become a much happier place. Not only is this place a lovely one to be in it is also beautiful and extremely photogenic. I have written a whole blog post on my time in Copenhagen which can be read here!

1. Florence


So my number one destination is… Florence! This beautiful city is the first one I visited and thought “this is somewhere I can see myself”. Though elements of this trip bought me down (as I’ve said before travelling in threes almost always sets you up for failure) no matter what happened this location almost seemed to put everything to rights. There are beautiful walks to be taken here and plenty of viewing points looking over the whole city. It is full of wonderful history, you can even take a walk up the Duomo which is an amazing experience though is knackering! I definitely would like to return to Florence in the near future and hopefully, it’ll live up to the experience I had a couple of years ago (i’m sure it will).



Would you be interested in seeing individual posts on each of these locations with my favourite places to visit as well as some tips and tricks? If so let me know in the comments below and I will definitely do so! Was just wondering as some of these places I haven’t visited in a couple of years.

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  1. I can’t wait till I visit Paris with you next year!!! definitely would love to visit all this places x


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