A Trek at The Llama Park

Hello Everyone

Llama 1

As part of Elliotts Birthday celebrations, we went along to The Llama Park in Sussex for the second year in a row. Elliott loves Llamas and also as an animal lover I jumped at the opportunity to go again.

This park located in Sussex, UK is home to many Alpacas, Goats, Pigs and of course Llamas. There is a beautiful gift shop and restaurant which has free entry selling many unique gifts and delicious food so if you’re in the area and aren’t too interested in the animals themselves it is still definitely worth a visit.

However, if you are interested in the animals (like all those visiting within our group) there is an entry fee to pay of £8.00 per adult! A full price list can be viewed here. Honestly, I believe that this price is really good value for money as there is plenty to see and you can also get really up close to all the animals who will be in touching distance. You can feed them with food suitable which can be bought at the gift shop on entry for £1 a bag. I would definitely recommend doing this!!

llama 2

Elliott and I took part on a Llama walk. On this, you walk through the park and woodland area with your very own Llama. The walk lasts an hour and a half and I would say you need to be fairly fit to take part in this and make sure you are wearing suitable clothing and footwear as the ground is very uneven and there are a few steep hills you are required to walk both up and down. Not only this you also have to be able to control the Llama as they do some of the time have a mind of their own. There is the option of a family Llama walk which is shorter and just around the park so I would recommend this if you have a young family or are concerned about your fitness for the walk. Always raise any concerns you have when booking as I’m sure the lovely staff will be more than happy to help. Saying this though the walk is slow and there are three ‘carrot stops’ along the way where you can have a break and treat your llama to some carrots (you can even attempt ‘Llama kisses’ if you’re brave enough).


Llama 3

I would definitely recommend this experience to any animal lover of any age and even if you don’t fancy the walk I would definitely recommend visiting the park itself! Have you been to the Llama Park or taken part in another animal experience? I would love to hear what animals you’ve all met up close.


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