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Hello Lovelies

Recently I took a walk through Freetown Christiana in Copenhagen. This was thoroughly interesting and something I would definitely recommend doing if you are in the area. If you do visit however make sure to enter with an open mind.

Freetown is a lawless state within Copenhagen created in 1971 by Squatters. It isn’t considered part of the EU and is home to between 850-1000 residents. In Freetown anything goes, there are no laws for anyone to follow. Drugs will be dealt and taken legally and openly throughout the town. Unfortunately, it is highly frowned upon to take photos throughout most of Freetown hence the lack of photos in this post. This was a shame as I wanted to document how amazing this town actually is.

We took a walk through the town and the first thing that surprised me was how built up it actually was. I’m unsure what I expected to find there, maybe little warehouses and shacks that everyone bunked in but what we found was the complete opposite. Though some did live in small shacks a majority lived in fully built houses with many of the traditional items you would find outside any other home. There were even cafe’s, shops and a market that the residents (and tourists) could use. The further you walk into the town the more picturesque it becomes. You start to come across houses some of which are actually quite pretty, it also becomes much quieter once you get out of the hustle and bustle of the main entrance to the town. This is when you start to get an idea what life is like living within Freetown.

We went off the main path and through a wooded area. It is said that if you continue to walk through the woods you will eventually reach a beach. We didn’t venture this far as we were restricted for time and I’m not sure how far that walk would be or how easy it would be. We did, however, find some very pretty areas within the woods looking over water which I believe would lead out to sea. Here I managed to take a few photos on my phone of the beautiful view.

In this area, we did also come across some of those little “shacks” I mentioned earlier. These little homes looked out over the water on the edge of a very steep hill. The people in the town weren’t at all fussed about us being there and just continued with their daily routines as though we weren’t there.

We did a circle through the woods returning us back to the main entrance to Freetown. As we arrived early many of the market stalls were just opening up so was still quiet however it had become considerably busier during the 45-minute walk we took around the town. It was interesting seeing all the handmade goods that residents were selling in the market mostly to tourists who were passing through.

If you do get the chance to visit this very interesting part of Copenhagen I would definitely recommend it! Parts of it are beautiful and there is so much history and things to look at as well as it just being a lovely walk.

What is the most interesting place you have come accross whilst on a trip? I would love to know and discover some of them myself!

3 thoughts on “A Walk through Freetown Christiania || The Travel Diaries

  1. Not only did I love this post, I learnt so many new things and never knew that it was a lawless state – not very good for future lawyer me aha! all joking aside, I really loved this post girl x


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