Thoughts: Starting my Second Year of University & My University Must Have’s!


Hello Lovelies

So the summer holidays are coming to an end which means it’s almost time to start back at university. I will be going into my second year which I’m both extremely excited about but also rather nervous.

I can already tell that my second year is going to be a stressful one. As you will probably know if you’ve read my blog for a while I study Film Production. This year we start our specialities for me this is producing. I love producing; being able to be in control, all the paperwork and organisation it requires. This, however, does mean that I HAVE to keep on top of my workload from day 1. The course is jam-packed with different modules so I am going to have to keep everything neatly together and easily accessible.

This year I’ve been that “nerd” who’s over-prepared & really geeked out on stationery but I’m not ashamed of that. Going into my second year I know what I do and don’t need, the things I bought last year and never used and then things that I really could’ve done with but kept putting off buying. I’ve always loved going stationary shopping, even as a child for school, so I’m so happy now I get to find all the cute and quirky bits you don’t always find in everyday shops.

I’m one of those people who likes a theme and everything to be colour coordinated. For the second year, my theme is pastel colours. I have invested in a pastel pink yearly planner & a pastel pink folder for my work alongside a green pastel folder for my important documents. Organisation is key and although I say it every year is something I will make sure is a priority throughout my second year. The amount of stress and wasted time caused by missing pieces of paper or information is not something I would like a repeat of this year.

My University Must Haves:

So if you’re starting university this September you’re probably wondering what to take with you! These are my top 10 things I couldn’t live without during my first year.

My trusty notebook.

Pens of multiple colours.


A diary lasting the whole academic year.


Post it notes / Page Markers.

A flask for those cold mornings.

Tissues for when Freshers Flu strikes.

Plastic wallets.


In the lead up to the new year, I will be posting a few blog post giving my tips to Freshers on what to expect and get the most out of their first year of University. If you’re a fresher make sure to subscribe to my blog so you can be notified when these posts go up!

Are you starting university this September? If so what are you going to study?

21 thoughts on “Thoughts: Starting my Second Year of University & My University Must Have’s!

  1. Loved this post Jess, I am still so in love with your 2018/2019 planner/diary, it is so cute and goes perfectly with your theme! Let’s both pray that we can stay on top of this heavy workload x


  2. This post has also reminded me to purchase a cute flask! Not sure how I am going to cope walking to uni on those extra cold mornings x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Good luck for your second year! I love how tissues are included – they are a must for freshers flu! Being organised is the best, stationary shopping is my favourite thing to do .. especially for a new diary! I’m kinda sad I’m not going back to uni this year (I’ve just finished my 4th year) as I don’t get to stationary shop, haha!
    Liz x


    1. Thank you so much. You can always find an excuse to stationary shop! I’m sure i’ll still be doing my annual stationary shop when i’ve finished at uni. Congratulations on completing your 4 years that’s amazing!xx

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  4. So awesome that you’re studying film production. I was able to take a couple of film related classes when I was in college and loved them. Just remember, when it really feels like shit is about to hit the fan, you can do it!! So worth it when it’s over lol


  5. Good luck for your second year, it sounds like a really exciting course! I’m going into second year and I wish last year I had bought a planner sooner. It makes such a difference!


    1. It really does!! I love being able to see what I’m doing when all in one place. I think this year I might try to be a bit more creative with it though! Good luck to you too with second year x


  6. Good luck with your studies! I miss buying notebooks and stationaries for school. Still love buying notebooks but I’ve no idea what to do with them lol.


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