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Hello Lovelies

I’m back again with another travel related post. As you will know I recently have returned from a trip to Copenhagen (blog post can be read here) Whilst in Denmark I also took the opportunity to venture across to Roskilde another small city. Boasting great views, a beautiful cathedral with so much history regarding the Royal Family and the Viking Museum this place should definitely be added to your list if you would like to experience Denmark’s amazing history.

The trip didn’t have the best of starts following a not so bad train journey and shortly after arriving I got stung for the first time in my life… we still are unsure what by. It’s always been a wonder among my family and friends as to whether I would react to wasp/bee stings as I am allergic to mosquito bites. Fortunately, I only faced a minor allergic reaction and thanks to my friends’ quick thinking we managed to keep the reaction mostly at bay.

After that slight inconvenience that put our day slightly behind schedule, we decided to head to have some lunch. We visited a very cute restaurant in the main square. As I wasn’t hungry I just picked at a few chips and had something to drink however the sandwich Elliott got and the pizza my mum had looked and smelt amazing. They were both thoroughly impressed and the chips weren’t too bad either.

We had two main aims from this trip. To visit the Cathedral and The Viking Museum. We headed by foot to the Cathedral which was just a short walk from the square we had lunch in. Roskilde Cathedral boasts thousands of years worth of history and is the location in which the Danish Royal Family are buried. All the coffins are preserved and kept on display for all to see. Their grande coffins are on display and remain in pristine condition. Each coffin’s history is displayed so we can see who remains in each, the history of their life and the story behind their death. I found it fascinating learning about each member of the Royal Family and their story.

Something that shocked me was how the Danes have already designed, created and measured up the current Queens coffin ready for her passing as well as preparing the area of the cathedral in which she will lay. The clear and modern coffin is one that I have yet to see anywhere before and will be impressive if what they’re planning is pulled off.

Following a look around the Cathedral, we decided to take a slow walk down to The Viking Museum. It took approximately 35 minutes to walk and fortunately from the cathedral was all downhill. The quaint town was very picturesque and almost cartoon-like. All of the photos we seemed to take came out looking as though they were a cartoon or painting which was very unusual. I think the mixture of the colours and their wooden looking houses had this effect. We also walked through a wood and park area before reaching the museum making it a very pleasant walk.

Once at the museum there were plenty of things to look at and do. There were Viking Boats you could sail out at sea, wood chopping and there was the museum itself. I definitely think this place is worth the visit. We joined an English tour once in the museum which lasted approximately 45 minutes where the lady leading knew crazy amounts of information! It was interactive with things to look at, feel and discuss which you wouldn’t get if you weren’t to join this free tour. There was so much information to take in and it was so interesting to see how clever the Vikings were.

This is when the heavens decided to open. We grabbed a drink from the cafe and waited for it to pass, though I did feel bad for those out at sea!

Once the storm has passed we made our way back up to the station and back to the city of Copenhagen via a train, of course, grabbing a drink at the coffee shop first.

Do you like going on day excursions when visiting a major city? What are some of your favourite places you have visited? I would love to know down in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Visiting Roskilde, Denmark || The Travel Diaries

  1. I’ve never been to Denmark but your dreamy post has definitely inspired me! Roskilde looks so beautiful, The Viking Museum sounds like a real gem, so interesting. I’m not such a city person but my boyf and I went to Barbados back in February which I absolutely loved and would recommend so much! ❤

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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