A trip to Glutopia || Gluten Free & Vegan Bakery

Welcome back lovelies

As all of you who read my blog will already know I recently have become gluten, wheat, egg and dairy free. Although remaining open-minded when it comes to food I can’t help but stop myself craving those naughty treats I can no longer eat. After a recent talk regarding birthday cakes I came to the realisation, I would no longer be able to walk into my local supermarket and pick up my favourite tray bake. Thinking ahead to my 21st birthday (7 months away but you can never start planning these things too early) I couldn’t bare the thought of a birthday without cake thankfully this is when I discovered Glutopia.

Courtney (a fellow gluten-free blogger) and I visited Glutopia, based in Kingston, Surrey. A Gluten-Free Artisan Bakery who have recently introduced a vegan range. This is perfect for me as I’m assured the cake that I am eating will be Gluten, Wheat, Egg and Dairy free. I took one of each item suitable for me. I picked up two chocolate brownies, a chocolate cupcake and a vanilla buttercream cupcake costing me £15.00 which, considering this isn’t something readily available isn’t priced badly. All of these were amazing and available to just pick up baked freshly each day in store. They also take orders for Birthday cakes, wedding cakes or any other occasion though you do have to reserve a space for the day you need it so make sure you book well in advance.

As someone who has only recently started this new diet, I’m still rather picky with the food as I am aware of how good it tastes when packed full of things I can’t eat however I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of these cakes. They weren’t dry and crumbly as I did expect they’d be to an extent and were packed full of flavour! I’m very excited to go back and try some more of the options they have available as their availability varies depending on which cakes have been baked each day. The blueberry muffins are definitely something I need to try.  

To read more on Glutopia visit Courtney’s blog post where she tried the gluten-free cakes and brownies.

Have you found any Gluten-free or Vegan restaurants that I need to visit or write a free from blog? Leave a comment down below and let me know!

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