Little Shop of Horrors at Regents Park Open Theatre || Review

Hello Lovelies

Last Saturday night I went to see The Little Shop of Horrors at Regents Park Open Air Theatre. I’ve always wanted to see Little Shop after performing in it multiple times as a child. This wacky and light-hearted musical was fun from the moment it started all the way to the final note of the finale.

The evening kicked off with undercover dining where Gluten Free options were served. I also bought myself a couple of The Little Shop of Horrors cocktails which were out of this world. A combination of fruit juice and a typical pina colada mix giving it a greenish look created to represent Audry Two herself. I was sad to find out that there was a limited number of hot drinks available which you order in advance alongside desert for the interval and due to this was offering house wine as an alternative at no extra cost. As someone who isn’t too keen on wine the staff at the venue were very accommodating and made sure I was able to have a hot drink which was much appreciated by halftime where I was a bit cold.

As this show took place outside we had to face the elements. The show won’t start until the rain completely stops and they have dried the stage which is completely understandable from a health and safety point of view. Unfortunately, although it hadn’t rained all day the heavens decided to open about 20 minutes before the show was due to start and therefore the show had to be postponed until the rain had stopped. I couldn’t believe it after a summer of nothing but heat the one day we needed it not to rain it decided to bucket it down. This is where The Open Air Theatre staff were very prepared selling ponchos, blankets and hats. Once equipt with my trusty £3 poncho I took my seat and started the waiting game to see if the rain would stop. After an unavoidable 30 minute delay, the show began to start!

“For the misfits of Skid Row, life is full of broken dreams and dead ends. But there’s hope on the horizon for flower shop assistant, Seymour, when he discovers a mysterious new plant with killer potential. Will his newfound fame and fortune win the attention of kind, sweet, delicate Audrey? Can he finally break free and be happy…whatever the consequences?”

The thing I love about this show is how random it appears to be. If you’d never heard of Little Shop of Horrors or didn’t know what the show involved the show could be seen as shocking and totally unexpected. I love a show that keeps you entertained and unsure of what lies around each corner.

The use of the stage throughout was fantastic with members of the cast moving around the tower blocks and the use of the centre stage was great resulting in very minimal set changes. Everything seemed to flow seamlessly for which I have to congratulate the director Maria Alberg. The use of puppets and reliance on people rather than mechanics helps to make the set come alive especially when it comes to Aurdry Two as she begins to grow. The use of lighting helps her come to life creating a larger than life character who’s both threatening yet endearing. Vicky Vox who took on the physical role of Audry Two did an amazing job she was full of confidence and fitted the role perfectly. Vicky was hilarious and definitely knew how to get the audience going particularly during the finale where every audience member was up on their feet when the full cast performed ‘Mean Green Mother from Outerspace’.


The first half lasted an hour followed by a 20-minute interval and the second 45 minutes both halves seemed to fly by. There was plenty of entertainment throughout and I would definitely go back to see this show again! The show was cast to perfection throughout from the ensemble to Audry Two as well as everyone else in between with talent bursting throughout. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone up for a good laugh and a memorable night.

Tickets are still available here:

But be quick as this show is only on for a limited time only!

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