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Hello Lovelies,

As those of you who follow me on Instagram and Twitter will know I’ve recently returned home from an amazing visit to Copenhagen, Denmark. For years this city has been on my bucket list and it definitely did not disappoint.  Fortunately, my friend, who has been studying in the city over the summer was on hand to show us around as well as join us for the touristy activities he hadn’t yet had the time to visit.

We again used AirB&B for our stay. As you will know if you have visited Denmark before it is very expensive especially with the conversion rate between the Great British Pound and Danish Krone. AirB&B gave us a beautiful private apartment extremely cheaply. The apartment we chose was located in Christianhavn, though at the bottom of the city it was conveniently close to many of the places we wanted to visit often being able to reach them on foot. We were about a five-minute walk from Nyhavn know for its picturesque harbour.

The first thing that I noticed, the moment we reached Danish ground was the sheer amount of bikes in this city. In Copenhagen, cyclists have right of way over cars and it seriously works. Not only is a much healthier lifestyle but also extremely good for the environment. It’s almost inconvenient to drive a car here often having to take longer routes around the city as well as giving way to all cyclists. Hire bikes can be seen everywhere around this city ranging in price depending on how many days you’d like to hire them. My one regret from this trip was not hiring a bike. Not only would this have been an easier way to get around but also would be an amazing experience. Cycling around Copenhagen will have to be added to my travel bucket list.

So, what did we do whilst on our short city break?

A majority of our first day was travelling. We left the house at 4:20am on Monday 6th August 2018. Once we got to Copenhagen and made our way to Christianhavn Metro Station we both had plenty of time to kill before being able to check in. Being on the restricted diet I am we needed to find a cafe that served food and drinks that I was able to eat. We scanned the array of cafes, bakeries and restaurants around the perimeter of the square. Joe and the Juice caught my eye. Something sweet and hydrating like juice seemed particularly appealing after all that travelling. We headed over and were greeted by a very cute little cafe who served juice, coffee, shakes (including a very nice chocolate vegan shake), sandwiches and even offered Gluten Free Bread.

Once we had a refreshing break we decided to walk to find our apartment so we had an idea of the area we’d be staying in. Our apartment wasn’t far from Free Town (blog post coming soon) and was close to many local shops and a lovely canal which we decided to sit along in the sun watching the boats go by killing our last bit of time before checking in.

Later that evening once Elliott had come and met up with us we took our first walk into the main bulk of the city. We visited the Hard Rock Cafe and Tivoli. As a bit of a theme park geek and adrenaline junkie, I was very excited to ride the worlds oldest rollercoaster Rutschebanen built all the way back in 1914. This rollercoaster still is manually controlled just as it was back when it was first built. This was my first ever ride on a manually controlled rollercoaster. Although scary as you had to put your full faith into the man standing on the carriage with one lever acting as the break for the whole train it was exhilarating and a very fun ride. I’d definitely recommend this when visiting Copenhagen and not many people can say they have ridden the oldest coaster in the world.

After walking around the theme park and experiencing a few rides we began our 40-minute walk back to the apartment seeing the very cute and aesthetic architecture of the city. This is the moment I truly realised how amazing and livable this city is.

Possibly my highlight of this trip (even though there were many) was The Grande Tour. This took you on a tour by boat around the city. A tour guide who stood up front told us about the city’s history as well as trivia about many elements of the city. There were plenty of photo opportunities for photos you simply wouldn’t have been able to capture if you weren’t on a boat. The tour showed as different tourists locations like The Little Mermaid, Nyhavn and the history of the architecture around the city.

Following the tour we arrived in Nyhavn, of course, I took this opportunity to take plenty of cliche tourist photos. Lunch was next on the agenda and there was definitely plenty to choose from. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a restaurant that would fully cater to my needs however we found a lovely shaded restaurant serving salad, seafood and sandwiches. I chose a chicken salad and simply picked the croutons off and left them to a side. This also was my first experience of boiled chicken (apparently the most common way of cooking it across Denmark). Once we had eaten we made our way across to the metro and found ourselves on the way to Copenhagen Zoo.

As an animal lover zoos are often a part of my travels. I have seen many both good and bad whilst visiting different countries. I can say however I was thoroughly impressed with many aspects of Copenhagen Zoo which I am extremely happy about as when I was younger Copenhagen Zoo was always my main reason for wanting to visit this city. This was my first time ever seeing a polar bear which I was very excited about. Although I did feel bad for them due to the sweltering heat that Europe is facing at the moment, however, I can’t fault the enclosure they were in. It was massive offering indoor deep water and outside areas.

The rest of the Zoo was compact with some lovely enclosures. They’re currently in the process of building a Red Panda enclosure which already looks to be massive so would be excited to see that if I were to return which I’m sure I will. They also had all the usual animals like Meerkats, Giraffes and a range of monkies.

Following the Zoo, we headed back to our apartment and had a couple of hours rest as we had walked miles. We waited till dusk and headed out back to Nyhavn where our day first began. We were heading for The Little Mermaid statue one of the main tourist locations in the city and fortunately only about a 30-minute walk away. Many of the blog posts I had read previously said that it wasn’t worth the visit as she was rather small and unexciting something that you could easily go amiss however I couldn’t disagree more. The history behind the statue as well as it is in a beautiful location and compared to what many say she was a lot bigger than I expected.

Our final day in Copenhagen was short, however, we made the most of it. We only had the morning and had two things left that we wanted to do. We visited Freetown which I’m going to do a whole blog post on and we climbed The Church of our Saviour.

I have climbed many tours and I should have learnt by now that they aren’t easy however usually can guarantee a spiral staircase. This one consisted of narrow wooden steps almost ladder-like at different angles. I would definitely make sure you were able to and prepare for a not so easy climb. The nice thing about this one, however, is that you can turn back whenever you like if it were to become too much which sometimes isn’t an option in other towers I have climbed. The pain was worth it though giving us a lovely view of the city from above.


Overall I loved my time in Copenhagen and would go back in a heartbeat! Have you been to Copenhagen? I would love to hear your view of this city. Also would love to hear some suggestions on places you’d like me to visit next make sure to let me know in the comments!

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28 thoughts on “A Visit to Copenhagen || The Travel Diaries

  1. I absolutely loved this blog post! So beautifully written and the photographs are gorgeous, I’ve never thought about Copenhagen being a place I would like to go but your post has definitely made me think otherwise!xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much i’m glad you enjoyed my post! I was so pleasantly surprised by Copenhagen and the boat tour was definitely a highlight for me. I would definitely recommend it if you get the change to go.

      Jess x


  2. Amazing post! The photography is stunning. I had never considered Copenhagen but obviously I should.
    Thanks Jess


  3. Lovely post and stunning photos! I loved the boat part and will definitely add it to my list of things to do in Copenhagen when I visit! I went on a boat tour in Amsterdam and I would say that is one of the best ways to get to know a city – it gives you completely new perspective of the place!

    Gratsiela. x



  4. I went to Copenhagen when I went interailing. We went out to bars in the meat packing district! You should definitely do that next time!
    I found the locals to be extremely friendly which was such a bonus!


    1. Interrailing sounds like a lot of fun and is something I really want to do. I definitely plan to go back to Copenhagen the meatpacking district does sound like a lot of fun will definitely be checking that out. I also found all the locals to be lovely and so so friendly! I’m so glad you had as great a time in Copenhagen as I did.


  5. Fab post! I would love to go back to Copenhagen in the spring/summer, we went in Feb and it was super cold and Tivoli was closed. Thankyou for sharing x



    1. We were very lucky with the weather we had managed to catch it right during the heat wave. It’s a shame you never got to go to Tivoli! If you get the chance to go back I would definitely recommend it x


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