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Hello Lovelies,

I’m back again with another post this one relating to my recent food intolerance diagnosis. After many years of questioning, doctors not willing to investigate and unsuccessful elimination diets I decided enough was enough and reached out to York Test who do many different health tests.

To start with I took the yes/no food intolerance test. As I was unsure after many years of doubt bought on by doctors I didn’t want to spend the money on a full test to be told that I didn’t have any food intolerances at all! York test sends you a testing kit which allows you to collect blood after a finger prick which they then use to test for intolerance. This doesn’t hurt it’s just a small needle that causes a small puncture in the skin. Once this has been done it’s time to send your blood sample to the York Test with free postage.

I was amazed how quick York test then contacted me with my results. Communication throughout the process was great and all the people at York Test that I have had contact with have been so lovely. At first, I received a phone call where I was told my result to the Yes/No test. This came back positive and it was such a relief to hear as it confirmed all these symptoms I had been feeling after eating almost any meal weren’t all in my head. Here I was given the option of two different food and drink scans. These look at individual foods which get tested against your blood to find which ones are reacting and therefore causing your symptoms. I could choose between either having a standard test or a premium test. The difference between the two is the foods that each test looks at. I went for the standard test which tested me for 158 different food and drink items whereas the premium would’ve tested 208 different food and drink items. The consultant I spoke to on the phone weighed up the pros and cons of each test and we chose the standard based on my current diet which mostly consisted on everyday items as I’m not someone to often choose exotic food and drinks. The great thing about York Test is throughout the process rather than trying to make more money off you they help you make decisions that are with your best interests at heart.

Once again I was amazed at the speed they managed to get my results to me. I received these first through email and then the next day they arrived in the post. I love how you get a digital and hard copy of your diagnosis. The pack you receive contains a sheet with all the different foods that you have been tested against and uses a traffic light system making it easy to navigate and allows you to clearly seen your reaction foods. You also receive a food diary and guide to help you find your way through your new diet as well as track how your symptoms improve day by day. The pack will also include (and this is by far my favourite thing within the pack) a card that states your Red reaction foods which is a lifesaver when visiting new restaurants and when travelling.
I was shocked to find out that I had so many reaction foods which I was later told to be the ‘Big 5’. My blood reacted to Gluten, Wheat, Egg White, Egg Yolk, Cows Milk and Hazelnut. There was no wonder why I felt unwell after every meal as every meal I would eat contained at least one of these ingredients! As soon as I saw these results I just knew I needed a massive diet change and that this was in no way going to be easy especially with my hectic lifestyle. This is when I was asked to make a nutritional consultation which is included in the price of the test! This is a half hour consultation with a qualified nutritionist. This was so so helpful when it came to starting my new diet as I was able to ask any questions I had as well as was given plenty of invaluable information. I have also been offered a second nutritional consultation if I feel as though I need which I believe is amazing.
I am now on week five of my diet and I honestly am already reaping the benefits of it. York Test also remains in contact during your new diet to check how you are getting on which to me is amazing customer service. I honestly am so glad I took this test after months or maybe even years of considering it. I would recommend York Test to anyone that has any concerns over their diet or is questioning if they may have an intolerance. Of course, always consult your doctor if you have any symptoms you are concerned about.
I hope this post has helped even one person considering taking this test. I hope to post more on this blog about what I now eat and about my journey to feeling hopefully much better! Please subscribe to follow my journey throughout this process or follow me on bloglovin’!

2 thoughts on “Food Intolerance Test || York Test Review

  1. I saw Gabriella (velvetgh0st) talk about this on YouTube and have been intrigued since. When I have the £££ I’d love to look into this, it is amazing how specific the results are and it tells you exactly what to avoid! Glad your new diet is working well, you must be so much more at ease. x


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