My tips on watching your best friend move away for the Summer || Saying Goodbye

Hello Lovelies,
So this is something I have had to do recently as my best friend has jetted off for six weeks to better himself and work on his dissertation for university. Usually, we are joined at the hip and do everything together even travelling; wherever he goes I go and vice versa. This time though he is off for six weeks and I’m left in the UK. As a usually very un-independent (is that even a word?) person I was worried how I would fight in this world with half of me missing, however, I have found ways to help the time pass and already we are somehow almost halfway through.
I hate the word “Goodbye” I much prefer to see you later, however, I know in the situation it may feel like it’s going to be forever I promise you it will soon fly past. Always bare in mind this is temporary and will pass!
1) The Power of FaceTime
Have comfort in knowing that your friend is only a phone call away! Nowadays you can even see your friend even if it’s not physically in the flesh but virtually. Make sure to plan regular FaceTime sessions to catch up with each other! Show lots of interest in what each other are doing!
2) What should we do when you’re back?
Make plans for when your friend is back. This will give you both something to look forward to together! Make it exciting and memorable and something you both are truly excited about.
3) Use it as an excuse to visit somewhere new!
Are you able to go and visit your friend maybe halfway through their trip or your time apart? If you are this is a great way to break up the time! Though this is probably costly unless your friend can give you somewhere to stay. However, if it’s a city you’ve always wanted to visit then this is the perfect time to go!
4) Keep yourself busy
This is your chance to do the things you’ve always wanted to do! Make plans to see friends or even to meet other friends. Pick up some extra hours at work to pass the time as well as give you a bit of extra money to spend once your friend is back. Even having a relaxing pamper time watching films is a cheap and nice way to pass the time.
5) Work on you
Think of this as the perfect opportunity to work on yourself. What are some goals you have been wanting to reach to better yourself? For me, I want to work on my independence, lose weight and meet some new people. What are some things you’ve been wanting to do for a while but have been putting off?
So those are the things I am doing to pass my time waiting for my best friend to return and I’m sure the remaining time will soon fly by. Honestly, it has been easier than I first anticipated and I’m sure it will be for you too.
Is this something you have ever had to face? If yes share your top tips in the comments below! I’m now also on Bloglovin! Give me a follow here:

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