Taking on Marseille || The Travel Diaries

Hello lovelies,
This post has become quite overdue and I am sorry about that! It has been hectic since being back from our trip being plummeted straight back into full-time work. But I wanted to share with you my experiences from my recent holiday with Elliott to Marseille!
This holiday, as I said in my previous post was always going to be a relaxing one! We chose our accommodation mostly based on the private roof terrace with sea views it offered and this definitely didn’t disappoint! We spent many hours each day relaxing and sunbathing (or should I say, attempting not to burn), whilst in the evening we would enjoy home-cooked meals looking out over the sunset.
Although relaxing we did make the effort to explore each day with everything within walking distance. We experienced the harbour both at day and night, visited the cathedral, museum and markets as well as shopping in many of the multiple shopping centres that the city had to offer. Oh, and we can’t forget the daily trip to Carrefour!
The city was beautiful and I would definitely recommend visiting if you’re looking for a relaxing place to visit and soak up a few rays, though I would recommend finding accommodation that gives you the ability to do this as the beaches are very hard to reach!
I’m going to leave some of my favourite photos from the trip below (some of which are still waiting to make it onto my Instagram)! I hope you all enjoy them.
Where is your favourite place to relax and unwind? Tweet me, I would love to know!
To see more on my holiday photos make sure to follow my Instagram: @Jessicabensonn_

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