My Holiday Plans || Marseille 2018

Hello Lovelies,
Bit of a different post today, I’m going to be sharing what I’m planning for my four-night stay in Marseille this month! I am so excited!! This five-day trip will be very different to those other getaways I’ve been having the previous two summers which have been much more adventurous and leaving myself and Elliott exhausted by the end of them. Although I LOVE those types of holidays and I honestly think they’re the trips you get the most out of we both decided that a more relaxing holiday is what we need this year. With Elliott preparing for his dissertation and I’ve just completed a very hectic first year alongside us both having other priorities we thought this would be the best fit. By our flight on the Monday morning we will both already be exhausted from a show that we’ll be performing in as well as working the weekend before, however, we do this this will make us appreciate the trip away even more.
For the past couple of years, we’ve been saying how much we would love to visit the south of France. We have rented a lovely apartment off AirB&B with its own private rooftop terrace (we’ll be spending many mornings and evenings up there admiring the sunset, eating a healthy breakfast and we even plan on trying to practice some yoga). We’re located a 5 minute walk away from the beach and there are bars and cafes on our doorstep. This is definitely going to be a relaxing one. We have spoken about a possible day trip away from Marseille, however, this is still yet to be organised but having a trip away for a day to do a bit of exploring is definitely something we’d consider.
Myself and Elliott are huge photography enthusiasts so that will definitely be high up on our priorities. I really hope to invest in a new camera before the trip so I can really start to produce (or attempt to) some great photographs. I’ll definitely create a blog post showing off my favourite photos from the trip.
What are your holiday plans? I would love to know!
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