Producing My First 16mm Black and White Bolex Film || End of my First Year

So my first year of University is now complete! I’m both sad that the first year flew by so quickly yet excited for the new things second year will bring. Our final (and by far most stressful) task of the year was to create a short 1-2 minute Black and White 16mm Bolex film. It was no small task and one I worked on for about 4 months.
Each group were given a Haiku to base their short film around. None of us can remember what our original Haiku was now, however, we do remember stumbling through many different ideas before finally settling on one we all felt a connection to.
Our story followed Jack, a nine-year-old boy who had a fear of the darkness in his wardrobe. One night after being tucked into bed by his mother, Jack decides to enter the wardrobe and concur his fear with inspiration from a knights book he was read by his mother. Once in the wardrobe Jack as transferred into a new space, this space represents Jacks mind. He finds himself in a very empty and grey space which is very otherworldly. In front of him, Jack meets his personified idea of what his idea of the darkness would look like. This furry, tall and dark creature towers over him; although very intimidating this creature is stood very still. Both Jack and The Darkness end up engaging in a game of copycat and as Jack begins to relax The Darkness starts to become less scary to him. So much so that he ends up disappearing leaving Jack in an empty, grey space within his mind. Although sad that The Darkness has gone that Jack built a strong fondness for he is glad to have that fear erased from his mind. We return to find Jack asleep peacefully in his wardrobe where his mother finds him the next morning.
Taking on the role of the producer meant I had my work cut out from day one. For this project, as it involved a child, it was vital for me to start the casting process early so I could get all the Child Licensing underway. After contacting all the local drama and theatre schools finally we heard back from one that had two children interested. We auditioned both children both providing very different performances. One of the two gave us the performance we were looking for and let him and his parents know that he was successful the next day.
Fortunately, his parents were knowledgeable on the film industry even having experience appearing on screen and they were more than happy to lend their help. This made our time on shoot run smoothly and we managed to finish all of our filmings within 3 days.
I loved the experience working on the Bolex camera and the feel that the film gives you based on the visuals it produces. We did run into our issues which were noticeable in the final cut of the film (for our course) however currently we are in the process of digitally editing, colour grading and making a piece to be even more proud of. Stay tuned to see the finalised version which should be complete the end of Summer 2018.

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