My First Time Seeing Les Miserables Queens Theatre, London || Review

The day was here, my first time finally seeing Les Mis on stage in London. This show has always had a special place in my heart. Loving the music for as long as I can remember and being at the cinema the day the film was released I can’t help but wonder why it took me so long to finally go and see it at the theatre.
I had heard great things about this show by many of my friends (many of whom share my love and passion for theatre and musicals) all of which got me psyched up for this big day. I got my ticket as my Christmas present from my dad and as another lover of Les Mis I thought it was only right to take him along to also see the show.
We arrived at the venue a little too early to get in (we were very eager) so we took a stroll through China Town and up and down Shaftesbury Avenue which definitely built on my anticipation for the show.
China Town at Dusk
By the time we had walked up and down Shaftesbury Ave, the doors were just about to open. We joined a short queue of other eager members of the audience awaiting with their tickets in hand. The doors opened and we entered into the magical Queens Theatre. I tend to find a majority of Theatres to be interesting but this one, in particular, blew me away. With the fine details and decor throughout this Theatre was beautiful. After queuing and picking up some merchandise (this was the most disappointing part of the trip for me all the items I originally had my heart set on were out of stock) it was time to take our seats.
Waiting outside Queens Theatre
This show surpassed all my expectations, I knew it would be good but didn’t realise it would be that amazing. There was not a dry eye in the house by the time the show finished. This is what I love about Theatre, the connection to feel with the characters so much stronger than that you get from watching the film. You get to live and breathe the story that they are telling. The cast did a wonderful job making us both laugh and weep. The overall sound throughout the performance created a wonderful atmosphere with the audience being able to pay particular attention to the key details of the show through its music. If you haven’t yet listened to the Les Mis soundtrack (have you been living under a rock?) I would definitely recommend it but nothing will ever beat the experience you get from within the theatre itself. The clever and minimalist set with its main feature being a huge barricade was really used to its full advantage and was well utilised by its cast. I would strongly recommend this production to anyone and I can’t wait to go see it for the second time!

3 thoughts on “My First Time Seeing Les Miserables Queens Theatre, London || Review

  1. My journey with Les Mis began with the movie. Then after seeing the stage shoe at community college, my dream of seeing it in the West End was developed. That dream came true in 2015. When I saw the Queen’s Theatre, I was like “there is no way I just saw that” and all the way to sitting down and seeing the set and everything still seemed like just a dream. But right when I heard the first note, I knew it was no dream: it was reality and that first note it was going to be more than expected.

    I am a musical theatre fanatic. Prior to Les Mis, I was in love with musical thanks to Wicked. But Les Mis would challenge everything I previously knew about musicals. It would eventually turn my love of musicals into a passion. Check out my blog if you want to explore more of love for musicals.

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    1. It’s amazing how much a theatre show can impact your life! I also loved Wicked (well still do) it was my first favourite musical and the first one I ever saw in London! I will definitely be checking out your blog. Keep posted cause i’ll be having more musical related content soon x


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