My New Desk – Bedroom Redecoration

I have wanted a desk in my room for the LONGEST time however up until now it hasn’t been a possibility. Now with my sister moving out and having a room to myself I have been given the opportunity to use both my saved Christmas and Birthday money to purchase a desk!

I never quite realised how important having your own space that you are able to make your own is. Even by making this first simple change it has done wonders for my mental health. … More My New Desk – Bedroom Redecoration

The Dream Career Paradigm

Theres one question that I remember being asked constantly as a child and through my teenage years and that was – what do you want to be when you grow up? For me this question has always instilled a lot of anxiety. A trivial question that society drills into us from a young age expecting us to know the answer. As someone who’s already quite anxious and not the best at making decisions for myself the fact everyone also tells you that you can be anything you want to be despite having their own expectations was an added level of pressure. … More The Dream Career Paradigm

Turning 23.

23. The Birthday I have dreaded for the longest of times – possibly my entire life. Although I know nothing drastic is going to change between the 17th March 2021 (age 22) and 18th March 2021 (age 23) I can’t help but think I should have made more progress than I already have. I must … More Turning 23.

the importance of taking a mental health day || lets talk about mental health

Recently, like many others, I haven’t been feeling quite myself and have decided to make making time for myself a priority. As someone who has continuously suffered from their mental health, I am used to the ups and downs it brings (or at least as used to it as you can be). I now know … More the importance of taking a mental health day || lets talk about mental health

My Experience of having COVID-19 || My 10 Day Symptom Diary

By this point I think the pandemic must have impacted everyone in one way or another even if you are fortunate enough to have not caught the virus itself. Whether that be through changing your working habits, having events you have booked cancelled, having a loved one catch the virus or loss of employment to name just a few. … More My Experience of having COVID-19 || My 10 Day Symptom Diary

My January Mental Health Journal Prompts

This new year I want to utilise a journal for its purpose – a stress release instead of a stress builder. Ultimately there are no rules when it comes to journaling but if you are like me sometimes without a prompt writing is a challenge. That is why I have constructed a list of 10 journaling prompts I plan on using during my first ‘proper’ month of journaling. … More My January Mental Health Journal Prompts